Posted on May 16, 2017


July 29th : Seoul, Jamsil Stadium

Hot summer days in Korea make you sweat even if you don’t move. Then you hope for a day out at a cool beach or a swimming pool… but you still need to go to a music festival, too! There’s a festival which can fulfill both of your desires, right here in Seoul City!!

Water gun fights while listening to your favorite musicians performing live and the battle between TEAM RED and TEAM BLUE in which artists and audience work together as teams will surely make you satisfied. Do you want to go somewhere fun even though it’s bloody hot, and are you ready for a great party in swimsuits? Then here’s the answer! Waterbomb will present you with the perfect summer vacation on an exciting tropical night with both music and a splash of water!

Lineup :

루카스(LOOKAS), 현아(HYUNA), 제시(JESSI), 스컬&하하(SKULL&HAHA), 슬리피(SLEEPY), 딘딘(DINDIN), 비와이(BEWHY), 씨잼(C JAMM), 펀치넬로(PUNCHNELLO), 디제이 구(KJ KOO), 인사이드코어(INSIDE CORE), DJ S2, 준코코(JUNCOCO), 맥시마이트(MAXIMITE), DJ AK, 토요(TOYO), 피치에이드(PEACH ADE), 사운드퓨즈(SOUNDFUZE), 아스터(ASTER), 디디한(DIDIHAN), MC 프라임(MC PRHYME), 골드티(GOLDTEA), JAKE PAINS, 육성재(YOOK SUNG JAI), 신수지(SHIN SOO JI)

Getting There :

Ticket :

2nd Released ticket - 88,000 won

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