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# How do you feel about the results of last year's festival?

Bum-Joo : I think that on the whole it was a great success. It was an unbelievable situation that turned out fantastically. We had so many kind people helping us out. If they hadn’t there is no way we could have put on a show like last year.

# What changes are being made to the festival this year, and why?

Jin-Suk : Firstly, this years show is going to be indoors. It will be held in the multipurpose art hall, EMU at Gwanghwamun. The basement is a music venue and the first floor is a cafe/restaurant. The second floor has a theater and on the roof there is a BBQ area as well. We will be using all of these areas as part of this year’s festival. For example we are going to have attractions such as information on the history of ska, live painting, a flea market as well stuff to eat and events to make it an all-around more fun event. Unlike last year, I think there will be a cover charge at this year’s festival, and if there is any profit the money raised will be put towards running next year’s festival.

Bum-Joo : All the people involved in the project dreamt about making this year’s festival outside and free like last year, but sadly we haven't been able to make it work out like that.

# What are the needs for fundraising this year? It already looks like you've got more than you need, right?

Jin-Suk : We plan to use the money we raised from crowdfunding on expenses for bringing The Toasters all the way from Europe and Beat Bahnhof from Japan. Money will also go to the rental costs for the venue, making merch, etc. We did get more money than our initial target, but you have to remember that our members have already sunk a lot of their own personal money into this project. It is already clear that we are short of the money we need. If you knew how much our shortfall was last year, I think you would be really surprised. But anyway, a massive thanks to all those people who donated to us.

# How did you book the Toasters for this year's festival?

Jin-Suk : Honestly, because we had made such a loss on last year’s festival we had decided right from the start that this year’s festival would be on a smaller scale. However, all of a sudden Rob from The Toasters sent us an email, so we started crowdfunding right away, and of course it was a success.

Bum-Joo : It is probably safe to say that Mike Park of The Bruce Lee band, who played at last year’s festival, told Rob about NGOSF.

# What other events has TNGOSKA been involved with this year?

Bum-Joo : Several members of the team feared that there would be shortcomings on the funds needed to run the festival again and so came up with the idea to run a monthly club show. Also, on top of that there were a lot of people who wanted to see one of last year’s foreign bands, The Autocratics again, so we made an album release show for them and we are planning to have The Rollings back here again at the end of this year to play a show as well.

Jin-Suk : Actually, our aim isn’t just to make one successful festival each year -- we made our team (NGOSF) to help support the whole scene here in Korea and to make it flourish.

# How has Korean ska grown since the 2014 TNGOSKA Festival? What are the future results of growth you would predict? And what overseas bands do you want to bring next time?

Jin-Suk : I think that after last year more people have taken up more of an interest in ska. We usually don’t get too many new bands in the ska scene here but recently two new bands called JohnStockTone and Respect have started to make waves in the scene. Also lots of people often ask us how to go about making a ska band. Moreover, small and big bands from abroad as well as magazines and internet portals have started to take a big interest in the scene here in Korea. named our ska festival the 9th best festival in the world.

Bum-Joo : I think that if we keep working hard we can keep this festival going and also make lots of other fun events in the future as well. As we have been running the festival there have been a lot of difficulties and things we couldn’t do, but we have learned so much along the way that we think we will be able to make lots of improvements and put on better shows in the future. I think this festival along with all the fans of ska music and their friends as well as the bands together have created a kind of mini-culture. I really do think that.

Bum-Joo, Jin-Suk : Bands we want to invite? There are so many. Far to many to even make a list.

Goyang : Last year, including all the people who happened upon the festival by chance, thousands of people came to see the show. Ska lovers and supporters from all over the country came together. More than anything else, after the festival we heard lots of positive conversations about the festival and the bands. If you are curious to know what last year’s festival was like you can check it out on our youtube channel. You can also see videos of all the bands who took part last year as well.


Interview : Jon Dunbar
English Translation : Patrick Connor

NGOSKA Festival :

Date : Aug 29th 2015 @ 14:00
Advanced : 30,000 | Door : 40,000

Wire Money to Hana Bank (하나은행) Acc No : 569-910199-54507 Acc Name : 유진석
*If you donated to the crowd-funding campaign the entry is free for you. You will be notified by the organisers soon.

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