Posted on July 18, 2016

Article Concert Preview

DOINDIE has launched a new concert series. Our previous shows have tended to be irregular one-off events, but this one will be a bit different. We intend to create a concert series with more durability to it. To this end, we are setting up more unique kinds of shows for people to enjoy. We are planning to pack this show with various attempts at durability and continuity.

The first concert in this new series will take place at Kuchu Camp on July 30th, featuring four bands who each present their own distinct waves of dreamlike music and stillness. This show will be held with a curtain of fabric hung between the audience and stage. We aim to make a landscape in which four different dreams are harmonized with each artist's music and silhouetted onto The Veil. Please be part of DOINDIE’s dream on the last Saturday of July.

* To encourage longevity we are planning to provide various benefits to those audience members who continuously support our upcoming concerts in this series.


Flash Flood Darlings

Flash Flood Darlings made their debut in 2014 and released their first full length album “Vorab And Tesoro”, which is all about the songwriter’s teenage years, in 2015. The song <Star> off that album won the award for best dance and electronic record at the 2016 Korean Music Awards. Flash Flood Darlings aim to produce an exotic electric low fi sound that includes everything from synth pop to chill wave. Sole member Jay Song is also the producer of the band Floating Island.

Member: Jay Song


Ahndayoung came second in the 23rd annual Jae-ha Yoo Music Concours. In 2015 she went on to release her first EP “waves,smoke,river”. Ahndayoung’s music has a dreamy sound that is rooted in post rock. Her unique voice has been said to give comfort to her listeners. She has recently won more awards including at the 2015 Band Discovery, K-Rookies and Hello Rookie competitions.  

Members: Dayoung Ahn (vocals, keyboard), Haram Kim (guitar), Wonwoo Kang (guitar, keyboard), Sunghoon Park (drums), Kunseok Lee (bass).

Light And Noise

Light & Noise create diverse sounds from low fi rock ‘n roll to noise music, displaying a powerful energy throughout. “The music is hanging in the trees; we are doing a lousy dance today as well”.

Members: Teo Lee (vocals, guitar), Seunghyeon Yang (guitar), Hwasun Song (bass), Leslie (drums)

Rainbow 99

Rainbow99 makes electronic guitar-based music. He believes that electronic music is more human than humans are.

Member: Seounghyun Ryu (guitar)

Date : July 30th (Sat) -19:00
Venue : Kuchu Camp

Cover: 15,000won


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