Posted on October 26, 2016

Concert Preview

In recent months it have seemed to be a lack of concerts that really stand out from the standard club show. Sure, there have been charity shows, acoustic shows, and other special events, but essentially they all boil down to the same formula; a bunch of bands playing in a live club on Friday or Saturday night somewhere in Hongdae. While we all love these concerts, there have not been too many recent shows that you make you think, “Nothing is going to make me miss this show.” So, if the weather is not to your liking, you are feeling a bit tired, or you just don’t feel much like socialising, it’s easy to decide it’s not worth going. Afterall, if you don’t make it to this particular show, it won’t be long until you can see those same bands playing at that or a very similar club with a very similar lineup sometime in the coming weeks.

Personally, I have kind of grown a bit tired of watching the same bands play in the same places week in and week out, and I’m sure there are lots of people who feel the same. This is why I was so thrilled to see something a bit different appear in the horizon. Surreal Moments promises to be one of those unique shows, one not to miss. The first and most obvious thing that makes it stand out is the location. This is not your generic weekend club show; rather Surreal Moments will be held in an old abandoned factory in Mullae-dong. The show’s organizer In Hee Choi specifically chose the austere location for the aesthetic similarities the stark industrial interior had to the sounds of the bands on the line-up:

“I think that putting on a show in a unique space like this is a kind of an upgrade on a normal show. I think that the space will really amplify the effect of the music, especially because all the bands on the lineup have a very big and dreamlike sound. As soon as I saw the space for the first time, I just knew it was the right place to hold this show. I have put on lots of shows for the bands on my label, ORM Entertainment, in the past and have always wanted to run a show in a space that brought out the best in a band's music. I thought it would also be cool to combine music, a cool space, and some great video art as well. Being given a grant from the government was the perfect opportunity to put on the kind of show I had always dreamed of.“

Holding the the show in this big old empty building is definitely going to give the show a unique atmosphere. The grungy feel of the old building should fit in well with the rock’n’roll vibes of bands like Galaxy Express and The Monotones, the eerie atmosphere created by the light seeping in through the cracks in the building should lend itself nicely to the more shoegaze-y vibes of bands like Vidulgi Ooyoo and Swimmers. Another thing about the location that I like is that it is not in Hongdae (OK … I admit it’s not exactly far from Hongdae either … but still, it’s a start). In my opinion the more shows that get organised outside Hongdae the better. For the scene to grow, bands need to start plying their trade further afield on a more regular basis (but that’s a topic for another article). It seems ‘atmosphere’ was one of the buzzwords the organisers were using when putting this show together. To add to the already pretty cool concept of the big disused factory space, they have enlisted the fantastic VJ-ing skills of the team at WWS WWS to add some amazing video art to the setting.

No self-respecting disused factory show would be complete without something to eat and drink. There will be food and drinks aplenty, available on site to keep people fueled and drunk enough to dance. Great bands, a cool location, food and beer; this show has all the ingredients to give it the feel of a small one-day festival. If the location, VJ’s, food, and beer isn’t enough to convince you, the lineup should put you over the top. It’s a who's who of Hongdae legends with a few of the newer kids as well. The lineup includes a long-awaited show by Korean shoegaze pioneers, Vidulgi Ooyoo, who have been awol for large periods of 2016. Word on the street is that it might be one of their last shows. So make sure to catch them while you can. Lovers of a more psychedelic rock sound will be excited to see Julia Dream and Ironic Hue, while Swiimers will be bringing more or a dream pop vibe to the proceedings. The more rock minded music fans will be pumped up and ready to go for 3rd Line Butterfly, The Monotones and garage rockers Galaxy Express.

This is not a show to be missed, not simply because of its lineup and location,but also because it’s very cool that someone is trying to set-up something a little different and bring some much needed variety to the weekly list of shows. Get out there and support it! The weather will be cold again soon and we will all be back in the dark, dingy clubs in Hongdae for the long winter.

Article: Patrick Connor
Korean Translation: Yoonji Lee
Edited: Alex Ameter 

▼ Line-up ▼

- 3rd Line Butterfly
- Galaxy Express  
- Vidulgi OoyoO
- The Monotones
- Julia Dream
- Ironic Hue
- Swiimers

▼ Show Information ▼

Date: Nov 19th 2016 (Sat) - 16:00
Venue: 대선제분 (DAESUN Flour Mills)
Cover: Adv: 45,000won / Door: 50,000won

▼ Tickets ▼

Naver Booking:
Enter Crowd:


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