Posted on July 25, 2016

Concert Preview

July 30th - 31st : Chang-Dong Platform 61:

About three months ago in a northern section of Seoul a venue called Platform 61 opened its door for the first time. The venue is part of Seoul City’s project to stimulate economic growth in certain areas of the city. The Chang-Dong and Sanggye areas of Seoul used to be known as ‘bad’ parts of town, but extensive efforts are underway to make this part of Seoul a new cultural hub and arts oasis. The aim is to make it a new ‘Hongdae’. Following the global trend for urban regeneration, the venue is made from colourful container boxes (61 if you’re counting). According to the venue their intention is to create a space where music and lifestyle can fuse together. Along with the ‘Red Box Live’ music space, there are also restaurants, cafes, fashion shops and galleries, which, clustered together like they are, create a special atmosphere for the location.

Over the past few months Platform 61 has cooperated with underground musicians and labels to make the ‘ Music Curation Concert’, ‘Red Box Wednesdays’ and the ‘Platform Code’ concert series. At the end of July, they will hold a special one day festival with a lineup consisting of Goonam, Kim Ban Jang & Windy City, Surisuri Mahasuri, Omar & The Eastern Power, NST & The Soul Sauce and many more indie artists. Not only will the festival have these excellent artists, there will also be a fleamarket and DJs around the venue. If you want to attend, all you have to do is apply online (at the link below) and entrance will be completely free.

Lineup :

7.30 (Sat)

오마르와 이스턴파워(Omar and The Eastern power)
수리수리마하수리(Surisuri Mahasuri)

7.31 (Sun)

김반장과 윈디시티(Kim Banjang and the Windy City)
노선택과 소울소스(NST & The Soul Sauce)


오청달(Blue Beat Monster)
스마일리송(Smiley Song)

Tickets :

Day 1 ▶
Day 2 ▶ 


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