Posted on May 31, 2015

Although there are differences in what they do for living, a diverse group of people gathered for a beer one day in Hongdae and talked about the same issue with the same anger: the irrational system within the Korean indie scene. This is where this project was born.

Being huge fans of indie music and the spirit of musicians desiring to live life on their own terms, not merely living in the way society dictates they are supposed to do during their late 20’s; what we would like to do on this project is to spread the idea that those creating indie music for a living are unreasonably struggling. Today, not many people know about online music market distribution systems, which places an emphasis on on distributors (in many cases, big firms) rather than music creators.

So called ‘Passion pay’, which was a hot issue in fashion not long ago, applies to the indie music scene too. There are lots of concerts around Hongdae every week, but the number of audience members often does not surpass the number of musicians performing. Musicians can not expect to be payed at these shows. Through this project and concert, the creators would like to have as many people as possible understand this unfair and unreasonable situation to help change the culture little by little.

“If the culture is a certain routine of people piled up through a long time, we are trying to create a small change that will begin to pile up starting now. Who knows? Indie musicians might not have to work at a restaurant rather than focus on their music if we are successful.”

If you care about Korean indie music, please give them a hand and spread this project to all the people you know. The concert tickets, limited edition of T-shirts, and mugs are waiting on you to join the project.


Crowd funding page link :

[Concert information]

Date : June 13th (Sat) 16:00 / 19:00 
Venue : Dreamlivehall(Hapjeong station – line 2)
Door : FREE for Tumblbug Donators


16:00 : 나상현씨밴드(MrNahBand) / 헤이즈문(Haze Moon) / 신현희와김루트(Seen Root)
19:00 : 클랩스(Klaps) / 감성주의(Gamsungband) / 악퉁(Achtung)


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