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South Carnival are a Jeju band known for their island music sound. Last year they were one of the few bands playing the New Generation of Ska Festival that we did not interview, so this year we’re setting that right. I contacted the band and they gave me their group answers.

# First, why is your band named South Carnival?

South Carnival: We are called South Carnival because we we play exciting island music on the most southern island of Korea. Also, a hidden bonus for the name... most ska bands here in Korea have the word ska in their name … if you say our name fast (and in a Korean accent) it sounds a bit like the word ‘ska’ is hidden in there (사우‘스카’니발).

# South Carnival has ten members, which is a lot. Isn't it hard organizing so many people together? It must also make touring off Jeju especially hard.

South Carnival: Right, because we have so many members it is a fact of life that the costs will go up. If we go and play in a different city it will cost us three or four times more than a normal band. But, when we play live we always want to have a full sound so there is always the possibility of adding more members … but we never consider reducing the number of people in the band.

# Your band genre is listed on Facebook as ska, reggae, Latin Afro-Cuban, Samba... What is the mix of those? Are they all in the DNA of all your songs?

South Carnival: These days it is difficult to put us into one specific genre. I think that people from this generation want more of a hybrid genre. They want something that is different from others, something they have never heard anywhere before. We aim to play ‘island music.’ Through our music we hope to honestly express the feelings and emotions from our island Jeju. We looked up similar genres to our music and came up with ska, reggae, Latin etc, but these are not the only styles we play. Our aim is to share with everyone the special emotions that only musicians who were born and raised on an island have. Actually, the classification of genres is not something musicians do, I think it is something the distribution industry likes to do. I think that most musicians don’t like to pigeonhole their music into one genre.

# Tell me about the Jeju Island live music scene. What are your shows like?

South Carnival : Korea’s music scene is almost all focused in the Hongdae area of the capital city, Seoul. Outside of the capital the local scenes are not all that active, that is a sad truth. However, compared to other places the scene here in Jeju tends to be quite vibrant. I don’t mean in terms of the number of bands playing here, just that there is a wide variety of genres being played in the scene here. There are always bands playing their own kinds of rock, punk, blues, ska, reggae, country, jazz, classical, hip hop, etc. Also, Jeju is a popular holiday destination and a hot place to be so lots of musicians from around the country like to come down here and play shows or take a break from the city. So, compared to other places outside of Seoul there are lots of opportunities to see good shows happening here.  

# Ska and reggae and all Latin/Caribbean/African sounds seem so alien to, Korea's ‘bigger, faster’ cultural mindset. Is that the same in Jeju, or is the culture down there more embracing of a laid-back lifestyle?

South Carnival: May of the roads in Jeju are lined with palm trees. The water at Seogwipo is the Pacific Ocean. Jeju is an island. If you were born and raised in this kind of environment this ‘bigger, faster’ mindset is hard to understand. Music born in Latin America and the Caribbean like ska, reggae and Latin music share something in common .. they are all from hot countries. I believe that all cultures are influenced a lot by the weather. So, if you compare Jeju to other cities in Korea it is a lot more of a relaxed and easygoing culture.

# Are you all from Jeju? These days it seems there are a lot of mainlanders, especially Seoulites, living on Jeju.

South Carnival: Two of the members were born elsewhere and moved here, and the other eight members are all from Jeju. Jeju has risen up as a ‘hot’ destination and so each year around 1,000 people move here to live; however, many people move here and fail to make it work and so move away again. 


Interview : Jon Dunbar
Translation : Patrick Connor, Doyeon Lim, Yerin Park


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