Posted on March 02, 2016


Five members of celebrated Jeju Latin/ska band South Carnival traveled to Havana, Cuba this past January. This trip of a lifetime was not only a pilgrimage to the birthplace of the Cuban music which has influenced the band so much, but also a chance at cultural exchange between two seemingly very different islands. During their trip, which consisted largely of impromptu street performances in which the locals enthusiastically joined in with vocalist Kang Kyunghwan’s heartfelt renditions of old Cuban standards (transcending the language barrier), the band took the opportunity to publicize Jeju’s famed Haenyeo. South Carnival’s manager captured some of the highlight moments from the trip and put them up on Youtube in five short episodes. Last week the band introduced the project, known as “La Mar”, in a talk concert preceding a screening in Jeju City.

Manager Ham Seungbum had this to say to us about the experience: “We went to Cuba, the country that breathes romance and music. We felt the passionate energy of Cuba where music flows and people really know how to appreciate the arts. We envy the Cubans for being so proud of their cultural assets and music..”

Check out all five clips below and if you haven’t already, make sure to read DoIndie’s interview with South Carnival, in which they explained their plans for the Cuba trip.

# Episode 1

# Episode 2

# Episode 3

# Episode 4

# Episode 5

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