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May 23rd - 25th Olympic Park, Seoul :

Seoul Jazz festival is an international festival in the heart of Seoul that first started in 2007. Backs then the stages were all inside stages, but these days there are stages both inside and outside. Fans can pick and choose the stages and artists they want to see. Artists from both Korea and abroad will grace the festival, and, although it is called a ‘Jazz’ festival there, will be lots of bands / musicians from many different genres playing over the weekend. It really is a festival where there will be something for everyone.

Lineup :

▷ 5/23(Sat)
Chick Corea And Herbie Hancock(칙 코리아&허비 행콕), Basement Jaxx (베이스먼트 잭스), Robert Glasper Experiment(로버트 글래스퍼 익스페리먼트), Jazzanova Live Feat. Paul Randolph(재자노바), Caro Emerald(카로 에메랄드), Owl City(아울 시티), Jeff Bernat & Band (제프버넷 & 밴드- sat & sun), Maximilian Hecker(막시밀리언 해커), 언니네 이발관(Sister's Barbershop),박주원 (Park Juwon), 데이브레이크 (DAYBREAK), 커먼 그라운드(Common Ground), 킹스턴 루디스카(Kingston Rudieska), Dirty Loops(더티 룹스), 옥상달빛(OKDAL), 술탄 오브 더 디스코(SULTAN OF THE DISCO), 주윤하 & 재즈 페인터스(Juyoonha & Jazz Painters), 로큰롤라디오(Rock N Roll Radio), 혁오(Hyukoh), 트램폴린(TRAMPAULINE)

▷ 5/24(Sun)
Sergio Mendes (세르지오 멘데스), MIKA (미카), John Scofield Uberjam (존 스코필드 우버잼), Bebel Gilberto(베벨 질베르토), The Bad Plus (배드 플러스), Wouter Hamel(바우터 하멜), Jeff Bernat & Band (제프버넷 & 밴드 - sat & sun), 하동균 (Ha Dong Qn), 십센치(10CM), 고상지(Koh Sangji), 한승석&정재일(Han Seung Seok & Jung Jaeil), 선우정아(Sunwoo Jung Ah), 스탠딩 에그(Standing Egg), 윤한(Yoonhan), 윤덕원(Yoon Dukwon), 쏜애플(Thornapple), 로이킴(Roy Kim), 송인섭트리오(Inseop Song Trio), 타니모션(Tanemotion)

▷ 5/25(Mon)
Arturo Sandoval(아투로 산도발), Gregory Porter(그레고리 포터), The Cardigans(카디건스), Tamia(타미아), Jose James (호세 제임스), Nikki Yanofsky(니키 야노프스키), 에픽하이(Epik High), 어어부 프로젝트(Uhuhboo Project), 페퍼톤스(Peppertones), 장기하와 얼굴들(Kiha & The Faces), 빈지노(재지팩트) Beenzino(Jazzyfact), H ZETTRIO (에이치 젯트리오), 재주소년(Jaejoo Boys), 제이레빗(J Rabbit), 최고은(Gonne Choi), 어쿠스틱 콜라보(ACOUSTIC COLLABO), 지소울(G.SOUL), 구본암 밴드(Koo Bonam Band), 김사월 X 김해원 (Kim SawolXKim Haewon)

Timetable :

Getting There :


Take line 5 to Olmpic Park Station, Exit 3.

- Gymnastic Stadium (5 min wallk), SK Olympic Handball Stadium (5 min walk)
- Olympic Hall (5 min wallk), Woori Financial Art Hall (7 min wallk)


- Green Bus : 3212, 3214, 3216, 3220, 3316, 3319, 3412, 3413, 3414, 3416, 4313, 4213
- Blue Bus : 371
- Airport Bus : 606
- Red Bus : 30, 30-5, 30-6


Address : Seoul, Songpa Gu, Bangi Dong, 88 (서울 송파구 방이동 88)

Paid Parking : (East Gate 2, South Gate 2, North Gate 2)  Small Car : 4,000won / Big Car 10,000won / Disabled Parking 2,000won

* There is a high possibility that there will be a shortage of parking, we suggest you travel by pubic transport. 

Tickets :

구매 : Interpark

Camping :

No Camping.

Contact :

Email :
Tel : Tel_82-2-563-7110

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