Posted on December 24, 2014

There are some bands who demand your attention from the very first infectious riff or passionate vocal, which has been the case for the extremely talented foursome Reflex. It is thus no surprise that they have built an incredibly enthusiastic fan base and one that has been very anxious for the release of their latest, and first full EP, “My All.” At the start, the first single available as a digital download sold quite well and the subsequent turn-out for the EP release showcase at Club FF was impressive. Their set at the showcase was everything fans expected it to be, hard rocking, passionate, tight and as inspirational and therapeutic as just about anything out there. Over the last two years, lead singer Jo Gyou Hyun’s (조규현)vocals have become an absolute joy to listen to belting out over Baby King’s (아기왕) fluid and perfected guitar lines. Together with dynamic bassist Byun Hyung Woo (변형우) and the enthusiastically aggressive drumming of Shin Dong Yeon (신동연), the band is well-rounded on all counts and the sheer joy the men have in performing is evident from the beginning to end of every song. It is the skill and emotion with which they present their art that has made them the sensation in the K-Rock indie scene that they are today, and it is with eager excitement that all fans flocked to FF Friday evening to hear how all their work over nearly the last two years had materialized. The EP reflects the talent and passion of the group and has given a new sound to their songwriting and composing abilities. Fans of the band are sure to love the effort and skill that went into the creation of their latest offering, and it is sure to bring a whole new round of requests for encores at upcoming shows. The highlight of the album is likely to be the crowd favorite “One Night Stand,” now slightly modified in the recorded version to “Beautiful Girl,” with its empowered vocals and catchy yet aggressive guitar riff. Be sure to carry on through the end of the record to hear a specially recorded English version of one of the latest hits, “Run Away.”

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