Posted on May 19, 2014

Red Bull Live On The Road is a battle of the bands type of competition that includes bands and musicians from various music genres in Korea. Winners are chosen using a mix online voting and live show auditions. Last year 168 teams (including outstanding bands such as Diablo & Harry Bigbutton etc) participated in Red Bull’s ‘Live On The Road’ series. 2013’s winner was Diablo who got to perform at Ansan Valley International Rock Festival as part of the winners prize. Additionally, with the support of Red Bull they went on to perform several shows internationally, including shows  in Hong Kong, Taipei, Shanghai. They are currently producing a new EP and a music video, again, all part of their prize for winning in 2013.

2014’s addition of Live On The Road has seen 114 bands apply. This year competition will take place over 4 months (Starting from March). The first part of the competition is called ‘Buzz Stage’. This stage involves both the general public and music experts voting on the band’s videos and original tunes (via SNS at 9 bands will progress from the ‘‘Buzz stage’ and will go on to compete in the second stage of the event. Round 2 is known as ‘Live Stage’. Bands who get this far will be split into three groups, who will play three separate heats (in May). The winners of these heats will progress to the grand final (June 28th) where the winner of the ‘Live On The Road’ 2014 will be decided.

This years experts / judges include 김세황 [Kim Se Hwang] (a famous korean guitarist), 박은석 [Park Eunsuk] (music critic) and EBS Space Gong-Gam’s producer 정윤환 [Yun Hwan Jung]. They will judge the best band according to their ability, musicianship and the crowd’s responses to the bands.

Like last year, the winner of this years show will receive support from Red Bull to produce an album and will also get opportunities to play live shows abroad. In addition they will also receive a Carparelli custom made guitar carved with the official ‘Live on the Road’ logo.


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