Posted on May 13, 2014

Concert Preview

The owner of Salon Badabie wrote us a nice little introduction to this weekends Record Pyeheo. There are some great artists performing and there will be lots of merch (밴드 파는 것) on sale. Don't miss it. It is on Sunday at 3pm.


Despite pressing CDs being a very expensive business, many artists are still opting to spend a lot of time, money and effort doing it. Why so? You might ask. Well, because to a musician his / her  albums are more than just simple mp3 carrying products, they have a special meaning / symbol, much like a work of art would to an artist. As a result, no matter the the worsening state of the music market or advancements in technology musicians will continue to make hard copy CDs / LPs. Due to the decreasing size of the music market and online distributors selling mp3s for massively discounted rates it is becoming increasingly difficult for artists to sustain themselves and survive while producing their art. We really admire these musicians for continuing to produce amazing albums, despite all the hardships. To show our respect, Badabie has decided to host the Record Fair to help artists promote and distribute their various D.I.Y hard copy albums directly to the fans who want them.

We are currently getting ready for the 6th Record Fair (Sunday 9th Feb at Salon Badabie). We have discovered that artists are trying / using a wide variety of ideas and methods to get their music to their fans. Artists have made outstanding improvements with their album artwork for their albums, while at the same time managing to keep the production costs as low as possible. Even while keeping costs to a minimum artists keep managing to make their artwork looking great and standing out (and thus appealing to people who see it). They do this by using more and more experimental kinds of media to produce their artwork. In the past everyone made their CDs using the same old boring kind of plastic Jewel cases, but these days people are using many different kinds of packaging and including lots of fun extras like cool little inserts / booklets to to help sell their CDs.

As time goes by it seems to be getting harder and harder to simply go out and purchase a copy of your favorite bands CD (the rise of digital music market means traditional record shops are really struggling). We made this event in the hope of providing a fun place where musicians can get together and mingle with their fans while at the same time providing a market place for those fans to a) purchase the music from the bands they love and b) discover new bands to love.

Lets not forget that artists spend a lot of time and effort on not just the music, but also on the overall production of an album and its artwork. We hope this event will help remind people of the joys that come with owning physical copies of their favorite bands work.

Line Up:

3:00 - 3:40 Saram12Saram
3:40 - 4:20 Choi Taehyun
4:20 - 5:00 Pagoe Wang
5:00 - 5:40 Blue Stream
5:40 - 6:20 John Strong Man Band (Changwon)
6:20 - 7:00 Summer Never Comes (Gwangju)
7:00 - 7:40 Tierpark
7:40 - 8:20 Sori Museum
8:20 - 9:00 KIMOKI Dong Yang Chung Nyun
9:00 - 9:20 Modern Gayageum Jeong Mina
9:20 - 10:00 Rock 'n' Roll Radio

For more information, head to either the record fair's Facebook page

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