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June 18th - 19th, Jarasum, Chuncheon :

Rainbow Island is a music and camping festival held on the beautiful Jara Island, Cheuncheon. Famed for offering more than just live music Rainbow Island Festival offers lots of alternative recreational activities / events to go along with all the great live music on offer. The festival first started out in 2013 and is now in its 4th year. Get out of the city to enjoy some live music and nature.

Lineup :

June 18th

Rainbow Stage

볼빨간사춘기 (Red Ickle) | 라이프 앤 타임 (Life & Time) | 소심한 오빠들 (Sosimhan Boys) | 자이언티 (Zion.t) | 장기하와 얼굴들 (Kiha & The Faces) | 불나방스타 쏘세지 클럽 (Bulnabang Star Sausage Club) | 무드살롱과 잘못된 만남 (Mood Salon)

Camp Fire Stage

타틀즈 (Tatles) | 카더가든 (Car The Garden) | 스웨덴세탁소 with 레터플로우 (Sweden Laundry with Letter Flow) | 십센치 (10cm) | 쿨레칸/에스꼴라 알레그리아 (Koulé Kan / Escola Alegria) | 마이큐 (My Q) | 김간지x하헌진 (Kimganji x Haheonjin)

Busking Stage

어나더플래닛 (Another planet) | 최준호(Choi Joon Ho) | 모멘테일 (Momentale) | 이레이 (Eray) | 밴드 버킷리스트 (Bucketlist) | 인도에서 온 란초(Rancho) | 아웃오브캠퍼스(Out of Campus) | 그_냥 (J_ust)

Secret Forest Stage

Disco Experience with Pete Herbert

June 19th

Rainbow Stage

디스코 익스피리언스 (Disco Experience) | 리플렉스 (Reflex) | 이디오테잎 (Idiotape) | 김반장과 윈디시티 (Kim Ban Jang & Windy City)

Camp Fire Stage

안다영밴드 (Band Ahn Dayoung) | 더 한즈 (The Hans) | 이지호 Trio (Lee Jiho Trio) | 호랑이아들들 (Sons of Tiger) | 수상한 커튼 (Mystery Curtain) | 파라솔 (Parasol)

Getting There :


Take the subway (경춘선 [Gyeongchun Line] line) or the ITX and get off at 가평역 [Gapyeong Station]. The festival is on Jara Island, about 1.9km from the station. (20 min walk, 5 mins bby car or taxi)


Information Coming Soon

Tickets :

1st Discounted Ticket : 66,000 won

Door Price : 88,000won

YES24 Interpark Ticketmonster

Camping :


Contact :

Email : |
Phone : 010-3360-7846

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