Posted on May 17, 2014

The 4th Rainbow camping and music festival (which takes place this year on the 31st May and 1st June at Nami Island) has released the details of the first lineup (below). The island is only open to the public for camping once a year (just for this festival). As well as putting on a load of great bands the festival provides all sorts of foods & drinks (including a BBQ and beer zone) as well as many other facilities to make the weekend as comfortable as possible and an experience to remember.

The second line up early bird tickets are on sale April 22nd - May 20th and cost 55,000 won (Door Price 66,000won). You can buy tickets at from : Yes24 (예스24)

May 31st - June 1st :

Holiday Stage :

김창완 밴드 [Kim Changwan Band] / 페퍼톤스 [Peppertones]장미여권 [Rose Motel] / 빈지노 [Beenzino] / 정기고 [Junggigo] / 유승우 [Yuseungu] / 스탠딩 에그 [Standing Egg] /  비스윗 [Besweet] / 에스꼴라알레그리아 [Escola Alegria] / 갈릭스 [Garlixx]

BBQ & Beer Zone : DJ ALL STARZ / MC Prime's 'Scratch Book'

Midnight Fantasy Stage :

최승열 - 김광석 트리뷰트 공연 [Choi Seungyeol - Kim Kwang-Seok Tribute Concert ] / 꿈에 카메라를 가져올걸 [KUMCA] / 라이크 라익스 [Like Likes] / 레인보우 99 [Rainbow 99] / 기린 [Kirin] / 타이거 디스코 [Tiger Disco] / 소심한 오빠들 [Sosimhan Boys] / 음란소년 [EumlanSonyeon] / 주막 [Jumak]

Dreamville Stage

고상지 밴드 [Gosangji Band] / 소란 [Soran] / FLORA / 라이너스의 담요 [Linus’ Blanket] / 타틀즈 [Tattles - Beatles Tribute] / 신나는 섬 [Sinsum] / 바버렛츠 [The Barberettes]

Morning Trekking / Fitness Yoga with 우쿨렐레 피크닉 [Ukulele Picnic]

For more information on Rainbow Island Festival check out the following links:

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