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Our first playlist of 2016 is sure to make you feel warmer in this bitter cold winter. To celebrate the start of the new year we have changed the way we do our monthly playlists. From now on rather than just posting the songs on the playlist we are going to be writing short bios and introductions to the music as well. We hope this will help you relate to the music and get to know the bands a little better. We started the playlist last year to help promote indie music on our site and thankyou to all the artists that got involved! We managed to create monthly playlists that are rich in content. The number of plays on the songs have been steadily growing all year. It is the start of the new year so we will be working harder than ever to help promote indie music here in Korea.

Let’s all listen to and support this cool music together! DOINDIE!

1. The VANE - Moon Like The Star

The Vane is an alternative rock band hailing from Daegu. The meaning behind the band’s name- ‘The Vane’- are the feathers on an arrow shaft. The band is made up of three people, Bo-Hun (vocals), Hyunmo Hwang (bass) & Hee Soo Han (drums). The song we have chosen from their collection of work for this month’s playlist is a track called ‘Moon Like The Star’. The song has a dreamlike sound and sorrowful lyrics. I was walking down the street early one morning in Seoul the first time I listened to this song, and thanks to this track that street still holds a warm feeling for me these days. It was still dark at that time and I felt like I was the only person in the world. I’m not sure why? But I got a deeper sense of regret and a feeling of sadness as I listened to the song.

The song ‘Moon Like The Star’ was made imagining what the world would be like without music. It is a song made to reflect our love and appreciation for the art and music we find all around us. In the song there's a lyric that roughly translates as “Someone will sing a song tomorrow again” …I feel they are saying “whatever happens, there will always be music and art”. For me, I see lots of art and music in my life, so much so I rarely stop to give it a second thought. However after listening to this song I have begun to appreciate the things I see on a day to day basis a lot more.   

2. PATIENTS - Sipalsegi

If you listen to Patients’ music you will find yourself falling in love with them and jumping for joy. Patients are a three piece hybrid punk rock band formed in Seoul and consists of 3 members- Jaehyuk Lee (drums), Sumin Jo (bass, vocals) and Hyuck Jang Kwon (keyboard). The song on the playlist for this month is ‘Sipalsegi’. The keyboard melody in the song is really exciting and it is constantly rising and falling, the vocals too! It made me wonder why an exciting band like this would have the name ‘Patients’. According to an interview the band did with IZM (an online webzine) they were looking for something that the three of them had in common, not only with each other but with the fans as well. They concluded that the only thing that everyone had in common was ‘hurt’. The band decided that if everyone had been hurt at some point, then everyone needed some happiness. They used a play on words and called themselves ‘Patients’. After all they have been hurt like everyone else. They like to think of themselves as a band that can heal your hurts. We are looking forward to seeing what Patients do over the coming year.

Let’s help heal the bads fatigue and give them a gift of strength by listening to their music a lot!

3. Singil Station Romance - A terrible love 3

The next band to introduce is Singil Station Romance, a duo of the highest quality. The band, made up of Kang Soo Lee (guitar and vocals) and Sol A Kim (keyboard and vocals) produce a pop style of music with a modern rock feel, the band have been working hard since 2014. The song I am going to introduce is called ‘A Terrible Love 3’. The song features a calm guitar melody that sit well with the clear female vocals. The male vocals are engaging and overall the song is a good example of the acoustic duo’s harmonies. Additionally, by listening to the lyrics in this song, you are able to create a great understanding of the subjects’ minds. Near the end of the song, when the boy and the girl are curious about each other’s feelings, there's a lyric that goes something like this “Have you ever loved me? Was it a serious love?” That lyric pained me to my core. It is a song about a couple who have loved each other for a long time and perhaps come to the end of their honeymoon period. Singil Station Romance are due to release their second EP in march of this year (2016) with a showcase concert as well. How about making your spring that little bit warmer by listening to the Singil Station Romance guitar melodies and checking out their spring showcase?

4. The Crows - House

The Crows are a blues band that originally formed as a trio back in 2009. At that time the band consisted of Sanghyun Ko (bass), Kwang Kyun Im (drums) and Jihyo Pyun (guitar) and they released two singles under that lineup. In 2015 they released their 3rd single featuring their new member Hanna Choi on keyboard and making them a four piece band. They released their full debut album in 2015, as well as playing loads of live shows and appearing at a bunch of blues festivals across the country.

The song featured on our playlist is called ‘The House’. It is about something that happened in Jihyo life when he was a child. It’s an honest account of his childhood, due to money problems in the family, Jihyo had to move from a bigger house to a smaller house. I too grew up in a similar situation and had to move around a lot due to financial reasons, so I can sympathise with the song. Listening to this song reminds me of the feelings I would get when looking at my house before I’d go inside, as the sun was going down and the day’s work was done. The lyrics of the song are quite sad, but to me it doesn't give me a heavy heart, it’s more of a flat feeling. For me, listening to this song conveys the the band’s charm.

I really want to catch the band’s blues performance at a show in 2016, so I am looking out for information on their upcoming shows. I am excited to see what cool things the band get up to this year.

 5. Blue Turtle Land - Wind Of Change

The next band I am going to introduce to you are rising stars of 2016, Blue Turtle Land. I am really looking forward to seeing what they do this year. Blue Turtle Land are made up of three guys, Hong An (keytar and vocals), Young An (bass), DeAnthony (drums). The three of them are super cool and each add their own unique talents and sound to the mix. The song from this band that I have chosen for the playlist this month is ‘변화의 바람 {Wind of Change}’, it is a song with a wild and colourful sound. The band play an unpredictable, impromptu style of music that keeps you on the edge of your seat guessing what is coming next.

When I saw the song's title it made me think of Scorpions ‘Wind Of Change’. However after listening to the song it I fell for its unexpected charm. The vocalists attractive voice, groovy bass and rhythmical drums all add up to and result in uncontrollable body movements. The Hongdae indie scene is full of variety … the awesome Blue Turtle Land make it even more so. I’m looking forward to hearing their stuff in 2016. Make sure to check out their captivating sound at a show near you this year!

6. Akua - Unlucky Days

Akua are a four piece dream pop and shoegazing band. This is a band that I have been excited to introduce for a while now, because I, Chou Cream B am a big fan of post rock and shoegazing music :) .  

Akua have been an unusual band ever since they released their debut album. The album was released in July last year, not on CD but on cassette tape. This was an eye catching and nostalgic way to release a new record. The band has a very unique character, you can often see them playing shows around Itaewon and Hongdae. The song of theirs that we have chosen for the playlist is called ‘Unlucky Day’. This song has a soft melody that makes you feel like you are walking along on the clouds. The vocals are tranquil like running water … it is a strongly addictive song. In my opinion- ‘Unlucky Day’ makes you want to run deep into the woods with your earphones so you can listen to it at a location that does the song justice. Akua plan to release a new EP around the start of spring in March / April time of this year, they also have a load of shows lined up in the near future so if you are into shoegazing … you will definitely want to check out one these guys’ shows (I will probably be there as well!).

7. The Veggers - Do Not Cross

Next up are The Veggers. A punk band that formed in 2010 and have been going strong ever since. Their sound is rooted in punk rock but their music takes influences from 60s / 70s garage to classic rock right over to hardcore as well. They were the winners of the EBS television show ‘Hello Rookie’ in June 2014 and these days you can see them all over the place, in magazines, online and on TV. They are a band making waves. The song I have chosen to put on January’s playlist is ‘Do Not Cross’. Whenever I listen to this song I end up singing along and jumping around, without realising that I am doing it. The band are due to release a three track EP this month in collaboration with Converse’s ‘CONVERSE RUBBER TRACKS’ project. After that they are heading over to Germany, Italy and Sweden for a European tour. DOINDIE will be supporting them both here and abroad.   

8. The Hy$teric$ - Boost Power

The next band on the list are the robust and structurally sound glam metal band The Hy$teric$. The Hy$teric$ are a supergroup of sorts with all of the members coming together from other bands. Vocalist Guy Kim originally played in ‘Girl’ and ‘Eve’ whilst guitarist U-hwa was a member of ‘Eve’ and ‘Wiretap In My Ear’. Nick previously played  guitar with Vanilla Unity and Lokur (who plays bass) was part of ‘The The Band’ and ‘IINDIAN’. This band originally formed back in 2013.

The Hy$teric$ have powerful melodies and lots of charisma. They are a band that metal mania fans here in Korea are really proud of. Check out some of the pictures of the band as well, visually they look great … almost like a flower haha. Their song ‘Boost Power’ is great to listen to in a live environment. The lyrics are all in English, but the melody is clean and exciting so it is easy to sing along to at a live show. The band aren’t trying to revive the LA metal of times gone by, they strive to make their own 21st century version of it.

9. Dongmyo Police Box - Vices

Dongmyo Police Box are back, after what seems like a long break with a new sound and a few new members. The band are a post punk / indie rock band who released their second full length album <Dreams> in Novemeber of last year, their first release in a long time. The new album is a new start for the band who are currently made up of original members Steve David (vocals & guitar) and Jonghoon Kim (Bass, Vocals) with new members Chad Harnett (lead guitar) and Craig Marsden (Drums) who joined after the previous drummer left. Dongmyo Police Box are a Korean based band made up of members from several different countries which also gives a western vibe to their music. The song we are putting on the playlist this month is ‘Vices’. This is a track off their newly released second album, <Dreams>. The band plan to play loads of shows over the year to spread their music to the world. Although they have changed some of their members they have retained their strong and powerful sound. Check them out live and you will  see how good they are for yourselves. They are definitely not hanging around this time and are already hard at work preparing their next album which will include some new songs and some re recorded versions of old songs. Keep your eye on them.

10. Sundown Ship - Sundown

(Photo : Eden Hall)

Last up for this month is Sundown Ship. A quote taken from the band’s Facebook page says: “The sun is our last desperate hope. Our songs are for all the people who look up at the same sun as we do”. The first time I came across this band and saw this text I thought it was really cool. This quote really struck a chord with me, particularly the reference to all people looking at the same sun. The song I have chosen to put on the playlist is ‘Sundown’. I listened to this song recently, on a cold winter night while walking home, and it gave me a lot of strength. I think listening to this band live is the way to go, the songs really hit home. Do you wanna get to know this band? They play live a lot, so make sure to hit up one of their shows.

Ok, so that is the end of our first playlist of 2016. First of all, a big thanks to all the bands that have let us use their music to share with you. We hope that the songs help to warm the hearts of all our readers over the cold winter months. There are loads more things I want to say about the songs and artists, but couldn’t get it all in this article. Check back on SNS over the month and we will have some more information for you all.  

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