Posted on July 04, 2016

Concert Preview

AKUA, Land of Peace, Raw by Peppers, Yksi, Bye Bye Badman, Fantastic Drug Store, Silica Gel and DTSQ are all teams you will probably have heard of if you’ve had any interest in the Hongdae music scene recently. These are all bands that are popular among people who enjoy live music, not only because of their musicianship, but also because they each have their own unique and distinct identities. It is not usually possible to see such talented bands all together on the same lineup, but this July there will be a rare opportunity for that, at a new show called ‘Fresh Always On You’, the first in a series of the same name. The name for the show is taken from a song called ‘Fresh Always On’ by the band AKUA, but it’s not just a song title; it is also their life motto. To them it represents a desire to "always pursue new things". And that is how the name for the concert series came about.

In the hip hop scene there is a definite ‘crew’ culture and it is easy to see people coming together to help organise and promote shows as well as to tighten the bonds between musicians in the scene. Until now (apart from a few short-lived exceptions), there has been no real sign of that ‘crew’ mentality to strengthen solidarity among bands representing Hongdae culture. Akua want to recreate that hip-hop ‘crew’ culture / bond between artists in the indie scene and so have decided to try to form a group that will operate under the name “Fresh Always On”. The aim is for the group to be a launchpad for new musical trends, no matter the genre.

The show 'Fresh Always On You', to be held at EMU on July 9th, is a dual purpose show. It is not only a gig at which to celebrate Aqua's new album release, but also a gig by which to let people know about this new band-led indie movement. The concert is a good opportunity to see many of the bands that will be at the forefront of this brand new indie crew. Make sure to keep your eyes on these bands to see what they will bring to the scene in the near future.


Date&Time: 2016.07.09. / 15:00

Vanue: Artspace Emu

Ticket: Pre-booked 30,000 won(Sold Out)/Door 35,000 won

Time Table

15:00 Land Of Peace

15:45 Raw By Peppers

16:30 Yksi

17:15 Bye Bye Badman

18:00 (break time)

19:00 AKUA

19:45 Fantastic Drugstore

20:30 Silica GEL

21:15 DTSQ

Written By: A-Lim Lee
English Translation: Eunji Kim, Patrick Connor
Editing: Rock N Rose

For more information on the festival, check out the links below:
AKUA's Facebook:



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