Posted on September 28, 2014

Band Introduction Concert Preview

That moment when you’re struggling to find the words to describe this band you just saw, that is the effect of Tierpark.  They’re part rock, part experimental noise shoegaze, part jazz, part folk, part…. just about everything.  The commonality between tunes is the care taken into each composition.  Marked by odd time-signatures, often mixed metered, and complemented by fluid melodic lines and beautifully complex chord progressions, Tierpark is difficult to pin down by one genre.  A unique aural experience, the musician’s kind of band.


We are delighted that our good friends Tierpark will be joining us to celebrate our 1 year anniversary, FWD. Vol. 3. Don't miss them!!

Date : Oct 3rd (Fri) & Oct 4th (Sat) - 19:30
Venue : Freebird2 (Big Bird)

1 Day Ticket : 15,000won (10,000 won after 10PM)
2 Day Ticket : 25,000won (Adv :

Line Up : 

Friday (Oct 3rd) : 비트닉스 (Beatnicks) / 티어파크 (Tierpark) / 청년들 (The Lads) / 노리스펙트포뷰티 (No Respect For Beauty) / 구텐버즈 (Guten Birds) / 맨 (Man)

Saturday (Oct 4th) : 뉴블루데쓰 (New Blue Death) / 마그나폴 (Magna Fall) / 24아워즈 (24 Hours) / 안녕바다 (Annyeong Bada) / 푸르내 (Blue Stream) / 위댄스 (We Dance)

For more information on the band, check them out on the following websites :

Facebook :
DoIndie :




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