Posted on September 24, 2014

Band Introduction Concert Preview

In order to describe Blue Stream, a band formed by four friends who all met at elementary school, it is imperative to first talk about Yalgaedul (The Freaks). Yalgaedul were an extremely hip band of whom most music lovers in Hongdae were aware of. The band consisted of Wan-moo Yoo, Kyung-Hwan Lee, Won- Jin Jeong (current members of Blue Stream) and base player Si-Ho Song. Yalgaedul were an immensely popular guitar pop band whose fans fell in love with their vocals and lyrics such as the hit song ‘청춘만만세’ [Long Live Youth], which includes the lyric ‘그래 아무것도 하지말자’ [Ok, let’s just do nothing]. The band left fans devastated when they broke up after three years of wowing fans and critics alike with their unique brand of emotional guitar pop. Thankfully, after a short break, October 2013 saw three of the original Yalgaedul members join up with new vocalist / bass player Sung-Jun Kim to form a new band called Blue Stream.

Despite Blue Stream being a relatively new band (only around a year has passed since they formed), the band’s past experiences and critical acclaim has made them new the new indie scene darlings and they’ve quickly acquired a strong fan base. However, Blue Stream is not simply an expansion of Yalgaedul. In forming Blue Stream they have also changed their music style as well. While Yalgaedul stimulated emotions with an almost youthful vintage style, Blue Stream has a calmer, minimal sound.  Sung-Jun Kim’s dry voice along with his lonely and self mocking lyrics help to create a unique atmosphere. When watching a Blue Stream concert you might find that all of a sudden, without really being aware how or why, your body has started moving with the groove. The band’s knack for putting on an amazing performance along with their catchy melodies create a kind of restrained excitement. Compared to other bands, the members of Blue Stream don’t move around a lot on stage, but that just adds to the charm and appeal of this great band.

Since releasing their debut single ‘시장 속으로' [Into the Market] last July the band has been highly active in Seoul’s music scene. I would recommend Blue Stream’s music to anyone that is both a traditional Korean rock sound and, at the same time, unique. Go and see the band with an open mind and let their lyrics take you back to a better time. 

Written by : Doyeon Lim
Translated by : Patrick Connor

We have wanted to introduce you all to Blue Stream at one of our shows since we started out, finally our wish has been granted as the band will be playing our anniversary show, FWD. Vol. 3. Don't miss them! !

Date : Oct 3rd (Fri) & Oct 4th (Sat) - 19:30
Venue : Freebird2 (Big Bird)

1 Day Ticket : 15,000won (10,000 won after 10PM)
2 Day Ticket : 25,000won (Adv :

Line Up : 

Friday (Oct 3rd) : 비트닉스 (Beatnicks) / 티어파크 (Tierpark) / 청년들 (The Lads) / 노리스펙트포뷰티 (No Respect For Beauty) / 구텐버즈 (Guten Birds) / 맨 (Man)

Saturday (Oct 4th) : 뉴블루데쓰 (New Blue Death) / 마그나폴 (Magna Fall) / 24아워즈 (24 Hours) / 안녕바다 (Annyeong Bada) / 푸르내 (Blue Stream) / 위댄스 (We Dance)

For more information on the band, check them out on the following websites :

Facebook :
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DoIndie :



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