Posted on September 16, 2014

Band Introduction Concert Preview

My first impression of pop-rock band Annyeongbada, a few years back, came from my usually cool and calm businesswoman friend, who squealed “OMG, they are so talented and so cute, I love them so much!” Seeing the lines of similarly squealing ladies outside a club soon after, and then a crowd of thousands cheering on the band at the Greenplugged Festival, reinforced my image that these four lads were the idol stars of the indie scene.

Arriving on the scene at the Hello Rookie Awards in 2007, when they were still known as I Cross the Sea With You, they also rose to fame by the good fortune of appearing on several Korean TV dramas, before signing with that powerhouse among indie record labels, Fluxus Music, and releasing their debut EP album in late 2009. The lead single off that album, 별 빛이내린다 (The Starlight Falls), with its distinctive falsetto chorus of ‘sha la la’s, was such a hit that I still hear it on TV as background music.

However, over three studio albums, appearances on compilations and OSTs, performances at many major music festivals, and a recent month-long anniversary concert series at Salon Badabie (where they first played before their debut), they have shown considerable growth and evolution from their pop roots, and they deserve a more serious respect as musicians in their own right. Their second album, “Pink Revolution”, in particular, is far more varied and danceable, with a good old-fashioned rock edge and a hint of keyboard-driven New Wave. The lead song 악마 (Devil) has an infectious beat and high-pitched chorus which makes more sense after watching the fun music video. My personal favorite off this album is the cheeky 어젯 밤 (Last Night); it’s impossible not to groove along with bass, as do the band members. Their most recent album, “I Cross the Sea With You”, moves to a more introspective, at times melancholy mood, expressed through a more acoustic sound and emotive lyrics, as on 결혼식 (Wedding).

Besides a real talent for melody, which sweeps the listener up as it builds in intensity, Annyeongbada’s greatest asset without a doubt is their vocalist 나무 (Namoo). Not just for his range (he can sure hit some high notes), but for his delicacy and vocal control; his ability to bring a plaintiveness to the more emotional songs that make him sound as if he’s just on the verge of crying—this always reminds me of the vocalist of Nell, a band to which some of Annyeongbada’s music may fairly be compared. At the same time, when the songs are more fun and rock-y, he looks like he’s having the best time on stage, often tumbling off it into the audience, with whom, from all I’ve seen, the band maintains a warm kinship. This is a performance not to be missed!

Written By : Rock ‘n Rose

Do Indie is proud to have the indie idol rock band Annyeongbada joining us for our first anniversary party; FWD. Vol. 3!

Date : Oct 3rd (Fri) & Oct 4th (Sat) - 19:30
Venue : Freebird2 (Big Bird)

1 Day Ticket : 15,000won (10,000 won after 10PM)
2 Day Ticket : 25,000won (Adv :

Line Up : 

Friday (Oct 3rd) : 비트닉스 (Beatnicks) / 티어파크 (Tierpark) / 청년들 (The Lads) / 노리스펙트포뷰티 (No Respect For Beauty) / 구텐버즈 (Guten Birds) / 맨 (Man)

Saturday (Oct 4th) : 뉴블루데쓰 (New Blue Death) / 마그나폴 (Magna Fall) / 24아워즈 (24 Hours) / 안녕바다 (Annyeong Bada) / 푸르내 (Blue Stream) / 위댄스 (We Dance)

For more information on the band, please check them out at the following websites :

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Fluxus Music :
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Naver Cafe :
DoIndie :


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