Posted on May 10, 2014

Lucite Tokki released their new single CD titled ‘너와 함께 난 겨울’ [A winter with you] on January 23rd.  The CD’s title track is called ‘TIBI’. The CD also has a B side track called ‘너에게 가’ [Go To You]. Lucite Tokki consists of two members Sun Young Kim (guitar) and Ye Jin Cho (vocals) and first came to attention in the Korean indie scene with their songs 두근두근 [Dugun Dugun] & 봄봄봄 [BomBomBom].

Lucite Tokki are usually an acoustic style band but ‘TIBI’ starts with a series of electrical beeps and ‘너에게 가’ [Go To You] has some synth parts near the end suggesting they are perhaps heading in a newer, slightly more ‘electronic’ direction with the music.

There is currently a special event running on Naver Music. If you download the digital single by Lucite Tokki before February 6th 2014 you will get entered in a draw to win free tickets to Magic Strawberry Sound’s showcase concert in March.

For more information / concert dates, check out the band here:




Lucite Tokki


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