Posted on November 23, 2014

Concert Preview

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Kuang Program is releasing new music.  A new EP to be exact but that doesn’t really matter, because Kuang Program is releasing new music. I think, and I hope, everyone out there has one, or maybe a few bands that hold a place of significant meaning in their lives; the type of band where immediately upon initial contact your soul is infected and lost, a rabid fan for all time. That was and is Kuang Program for me. Sitting in Badabie not knowing the bill but hanging out just to hear some good music and suddenly two guys start creating a sound that rivets me to my seat and leaves in its wake a destructive path manifesting itself in an immediate and consuming addiction.

Do they have an EP? Of course they do. They have severial. An EP called ‘This is the End of Us’, a full length album called ‘You or Me’, and now Kuang Program are back with their hotly anticipated brand new EP, Flames, Dreams, Laughter (out now), and on one of those EPs is, thank God and Vishnu and all the rest, that one song you heard that you can’t get out of your head, Robinson Crusoe. Oh buddy, you’ve got your fix now and you’re done for. The free moments, and even the not so free moments of your next month or two are filled with those six songs from that excellent first EP. You evangelize this new band to all your friends, using words like, “Amazing Korean post-punk band” or, “Really unique voice with incredible, existentialist lyrics” or even worse, “Like if Camus was writing for Joy Division but with the instant catchiness of early Interpol or Suicide and the dark electronic undercurrent of The Haxan Cloak mixed with Tropic of Cancer, but like, in its own totally unique style”

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This is the monster addiction transforms you into. Some of them get it, some of them don’t. But mostly you’re listening, and listening, and listening and searching for upcoming Kuang Program gigs because those six songs aren’t enough and you know, you know for a fact there are other songs you have to hear again, like that one where he shouts about not having a future, or the one where you don’t understand the words because you’ve only been in Korea for a few months but you know must have some significant meaning, because how could it not? Later you find out it means exactly what you hoped it meant, just like you knew it would and you end up splicing together some movie clips in a desperate attempt to convey what the song means to you.

I might have seen Kuang Program 50 times, or maybe not quite 50, but an embarrassing number of times. It felt like 50 times. I started showing up to gigs feeling sheepish and embarrassed because yep, it’s me again guys. Sorry…I just really like your music! I don’t…I don’t mean to be a creep. Your music is just so good! Sometimes you start to feel self-conscious for seeing a band so much, and for knowing every word in a language you don’t speak, for knowing a typical set-list by heart and knowing when it deviates, or being able to say, “Tonight’s rendition of Seoul was one of his best yet! But maybe not as good as October’s rendition at Lowrise because the harsh lighting and concrete really contributed to the atmosphere.” It was bad. Then it got worse. Kuang Program played in a venue where I controlled the lighting. This was the end of me. I felt like I was actually contributing in some small way to the presentation. With the dangly lights and strobe lights and rainbow lights and fog and fog and fog, all of which I could time with exact moments in each song where I thought they would have the greatest impact, I tried to show everyone else exactly what I saw when I saw Kuang Program, exactly what the music felt like to me. It was never enough though, because every live music experience is unique and every time you hear a song, even one you’ve listened to 100 times in your car and maybe 50 times live, it’s in a new context, a new state of mind. It doesn’t get old or satiate your undeniableyearning to hear more. An addiction that intense is embarrassing, but honestly, when the music’s this good you just don’t care anymore. However as a responsible member of society I feel I should make the following public service announcement so that I’ve shared my road through addiction and given proper warning to all who might follow : Kuang Program is releasing new music, proceed with caution.

DoIndie did an Interview with Kuang Program last year. Check it out here :

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Article : Alex Ameter
Korean Translation : 임도연 (Doyeon Lim)

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Date : Nov 28th (Fri) 21:00
Venue : 곱창전골 (Gopchang Jeongol)
Door : 15,000won
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