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1. Hi, please can you introduce yourself to our readers.

Hello, I am 박준면 [Junmyun Park] (I’m an actor and now singer, I’m not sure which one to introduce myself as so I’m just gonna stick with plain old Junmyun Park for now). Recently, I released a record so I guess I should be introducing myself as a musician! It’s still a bit strange for me to be saying that but it is an honor for me to be doing an interview with Doindie about my new record.

2. You have mainly been a musical actress, so you have been on stage a lot and have done lots of broadcasting. We are curious to know what it was that made you decide to record a CD / how the opportunity to do it came along?

Well, one night I was drinking in a Hongdae bar with my friend 강산에 [Kangsan Eh] (a singer) and he said to me ‘hey, make a song and record it for me’. It felt a bit like I was getting an assignment for homework or something, but anyway I went home and recorded a little something on my iPhone. I sent it to him to be assessed! That was my first real chance to be make a song of my own. This was all back in the spring of 2012, the song was called '낮술’ [Daytime Drinking].

Suddenly I’d made my first song and it was a cool feeling. In my spare time I started to make more and more and before I knew it I had 10 songs and was ready to record and release my first album without any fear.

3. Usually actors make / release remake EPs but ‘아무도 없는 방’ [An Empty Room] consists of only original songs that span many genres from blues to folk and jazz. Were you working on your music long before you released your album? Also, we are curious as to how you create your lyrics / compose your songs.

Like I said earlier, the album just came about because I like music so much. Before that I just loved to listen to cool music that I had found. I could never imagine that I would one day be creating my own CD. Because of what Kangsan said to me that day, I got the opportunity to make this album. It is all down to him and that night in the bar.

I am not one for writing diaries but I really got into using Moleskine Diaries, and so I started to try to note down all the things that come up in my mind. I wanted to create my own Moleskine Diary! As far as creating my music goes, I tend to randomly press keys on the piano until I find a combination that makes a nice sounding melody. From there I mumble harmonies and melodies until I get a sound that fits. Finally I add the lyrics using my thoughts / notes from my own diary.

4. It is possible that some people will have a preconceived idea about you and your music due to your background as a musical actress. What do you think about this prejudice? The album seems to contain a lot of controlled emotion and it creates quite a lonely atmosphere. Is it okay for us to interpret this as you showing us your inner emotions for the first time?

Honestly, I don’t consider myself as an amazing musical actor. People think that because of my body shape I will be a good singer, but I don’t think I’m all that good. Musical is an artform that includes everything from stage lighting and costume design to the music itself and drama. It is a very visual genre. However when I decided to make this album I focused only on the sound. There is no music video or pretty face. Just music. I want the music to get into your heart based on the sounds alone. Nothing else.

5. The title track 우산은 하나 [One Umbrella], 낮술 [Daytime Drink] and the art rock track 취한밤 [A Drunken Night] are impressive tracks for a debut album. Also, your more experimental tracks are getting great reviews from people online. How do you feel about all the positive feedback?

I'm very happy and flattered by all the positive reviews and comments. It’s too generous for a rookie like me.

6. Music and acting are both kinds of performing arts. Both fields have many things in common as well as many differences. What are your thoughts on the two fields?

Acting is basically a process in which you make a character that the writer created ‘come to life’. Through my music I guess I will be showing my own weaknesses to the world! I think acting is a bit like dressing up, while music is more like undressing.

7. What kind of music do you tend to listen to? Do you have an artist or band that you would consider to be a perfect band?

I listen to Bill Evans a lot. As for a perfect band, I guess it would have to be Led Zepplin.

8. You have done a lot of shows on a lot of stages during your career but now you are preparing for your first official CD release party (July 18th). How does that feel?

The album actually came out in May but it won’t be until after this release party that I feel like an actual musician. It is my first show like this, I am really nervous about it. I am preparing hard for it, I hope to see lots of people there.

9. What are your plans after this?

Right now, I’m just planning for this show on the 18th. After that I will start thinking about what comes next! hehe.

DoIndie has some signed CD’s from Junmyun Park to give away. For more details on how to win this prize, please go to our facebook page (

Interview : J-Myon Kim / Baek Yeon Seung
English Translation : Patrick Connor

Junmyun Park's Debut Concert :

Date : July 18th (Friday) 20:00
Venue : Club AUTEUR
Adv : 25,000 won
Door : 30,000 won

▶ To reserve tickets for this show, please wire money to Shinhan Bank, Acc No. 110-128-594300 (Acc Name : 손주희). After sending the money, please send an email to with your name (as written on your bank book), number of tickets purchased and contact details.

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