Posted on June 07, 2017


August 19th : Gurye Nature Dream Park

The festival in the city! Most of Korea’s festivals take place in big cities, so people who are not living in Seoul usually cannot experience such cultural privilege. Gurye was not an exception. But things are changing now! There is a youth movement growing in Gurye.

One of those changes is the Gurye Nature Dream Rock Festival. Let’s shout and cheer while listening to exciting artists playing live, and let’s enjoy the festival while drinking Beer Rock House’s traditional European craft beer. We would like to invite you all to this amazing festival!

Lineup :

윤도현밴드(YB) | 부활(Born Again) | 김경호(Kimkyungho) | 크라잉넛(Crying Nut) | 스컬&하하(SKULL&HAHA) | 로맨틱펀치(Romantic Punch) | 소울엔진(Soul N'Gene) | 마르멜로(Marmello)

Tickets :

Earlybird ticket : 27,000 (6/5~7-1) (LINK)

Getting There :


Take the bus to Jirisan Spar Land from Gurye Bus Terminal. It will take approximately 15 minutes.


Gurye Nature Dream Park, 107-66, Yongsan-ro, Jukjeong-ri, Yongbang-myeon, Gurye-gun, Jeollanam-do, Republic of Korea


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