Posted on August 18, 2016


Fall is already on its way, but it is still a crazy hot and humid August! We are over halfway through 2016 already; where did the time go? It was super hot back on May 21st and 22nd as well, but at Nanji Han River Park the grass was fresh and green, the breeze was cool and Greenplugged Festival was in full flow.

Greenplugged is situated in the beautiful Nanji Park right next to the Han River, and it’s always an exciting weekend that brings with it the promise of summer fun with friends and great live music. As usual, there were all sorts of booths around the festival area with loads of great food and fun activities for everyone to enjoy. Of course there were a wide variety of stages from the main stages (Sun and Earth, Moon and Sky) to the smaller Wind, Busking and Picnic stages. The lineup too included everyone from smaller hardworking Hongdae indie bands to the more famous hip hop bands made familiar to the public by the television shows they regularly appear on. Literally everyone that regular festival-goers in Korea can think of was on the bill. As a result, the festival attracted a really diverse audience. The festival's motto is to be a ‘green’ festival (for example, great emphasis is placed on recycling at each attendee is handed a cute personal trash bag), and one of the incentives they ran again this year was a discount on beer if you took your own tumbler or cup to the festival. The surroundings are truly green too, and with the lovely Sky Park in the background it’s easy to forget you’re in the middle of Seoul. Despite not being one of the main stages at the festival, the ‘Wind Stage’, with the river running right behind it, left the audience in awe..

Compared to a normal May day the weekend was crazy hot, but thanks to all the artists who gave passionate, energetic performances and the fans who gave that energy right back, Greenplugged helped to see the festival season off to a good start. Thanks to its location (close to the Han river and easy to get to), its slightly poppy lineup and its reputation for being a picnic-friendly festival (you are freely allowed to bring in your own food and drink, unlike at almost any other festival), Greenplugged seems to attract a lot of families. Korean festival culture is not necessarily just about the music, it’s also about being able to take a break from normal city life … Greenplugged hits that particular nail right on the head. What could be better than enjoying some gentle acoustic guitar sounds by an up-and-coming musician in the afternoon from the comfort of your picnic mat in a shady spot, and then, as the sun sets, jumping up to enjoy the slam zone in front of your favourite punk rock band?

We had a great time at the festival, and we made a short video (above) to give you some idea of what it was like if you were not there. Take a look at the video and start looking forward to next year’s Greenplugged festival, which may well be even better. We also did some DOINDIE “Question Attack” interviews with Galaxy Express, The Monotones, Theatre8 and Nice Legs while we were there. Monotones is below and the rest will be coming out soon, so keep your eyes open for them.

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