Posted on January 07, 2019


2018 was a busy one for us and it seemed to come and go in the blink of an eye. As always there were loads of new fantastic releases across the year and as always we opened up our traditional end of year vote for fans to choose their favorite EPs and Albums of 2018. 

Sure, we know these kind of votes end up being somewhat of a popularity contest, but still it’s a bit of fun and it’s great to see fans getting together to support their favorite bands and musicians. Thank you to everyone who participated and showed their love by voting!

Below are the top 3 EP releases of the year, as voted for by the fans. You can see the winners of our Album of the year contest by clicking here.

< EP Of The Year 2018 - As Voted for by the Fans >

1. <Orange Siren Songs> | 꼬리물기 (GoryMurgy)

꼬리물기 (GoryMurgy) Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

2. <<아무도 모르게 피어난 (BLOOMS)> | 셔츠 보이 프랭크 (SHIRTS BOY FRANK)

셔츠 보이 프랭크 (SHIRTS BOY FRANK): Facebook | Instagram

3. <The Horizon> | FAKE UNIVERSE (페이크 유니버스)

FAKE UNIVERSE (페이크 유니버스): Facebook | Instagram

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