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DoIndie has some signed CD’s from the Electric Eels to give away. For more details on how to win this prize, please go to our facebook page (

1. Please tell us how you came to be called 전기뱀장어 [Electric Eels].

InKyoung Hwang : I happened to be walking along with 예슬 and we passed a baked Eel restaurant. The name just kinda came from there. There is no real meaning or reason behind it other than that.

2. What is each members' favorite song from your new release 너의 의미 [I Think Of You]? Why?

InKyoung Hwang : My favorite track is ‘술래잡기’ [Hide and Seek]. The lyrics remind me of my days as a child. However I think when adults meet and break up, its not all that different to when you were a child.

Yesle Kim : I like the 3rd track ‘야간비행’ [Night Flight] the most. It is light & cheerful as well as an exciting song.

Min Hyeok Kim : I also really like ‘술래잡기’ [Hide and Seek]. Compared to the other songs this one took a bit longer to complete. I guess, because it took so much more time and was so much harder to make than the rest, I am a bit fonder of it.  I also really like the lyrics in this song.

3. Where do you get your inspiration when writing and composing your songs?

InKyoung Hwang : I’m not sure really. When the music and lyrics come from my true feelings / moods the songs usually sound pretty good.

4. The song '싫으면 말고' [Don’t Do It If You Don’t Like It] is more of a traditional rock track, but the other songs on the album are much more sedate. This album has a different feel to your previous releases. Was there a particular reason for this change?

InKyoung Hwang : There was no special reason, after we released the first album we went through all our demos and unused tracks and picked our favorites from the bunch. The songs we picked just naturally fell together in this way.  

5. Track number 5 on the album '흡혈귀' [Vampire] features Yesle on vocals. Yesle, what are your thoughts / feelings on the song? And we are curious, do you plan to sing on more songs in the future?

Yesle Kim : When I sing I get really nervous, but if I sing the song enough times it begins to get easier. ummmm … I’m not sure whether I will sing again in the future or not. Unless there is some special reason, I probably won't!

6. Do each of you have a particular musician or band that you like or that inspires you? If so, what is it about them that you like?

Yesle Kim : I like the band Perfume from Japan. Their melodies are diverse and their performances are really fun to watch.

InKyoung Hwang : I like ‘검정치마’ [Black Skirts]. His lyrics / melodies / sound etc are great. He is a really good all round player.  His songs are modern and his music has a certain charm.

Min Hyeok Kim : There are loads of musicians that I really like and admire, but among them all I particularly like 90’s & 2000 bands from England. Like  Suede, Travis and Oasis. They have great melodies and I really like their sound and mixes.

7. If you were not playing music what do you think you would all be doing?

InKyoung Hwang : I really wanted to work in a bookstore. Just like the main character from the drama 연애시대’[Love Time].

Yesle Kim : I would probably be working in the food industry somewhere.

Min Hyeok Kim : I’ve not ever really given that much thought. Perhaps a company worker somewhere? Or a pro-gamer perhaps?!!? (I’m pretty good at games.)

8. What do you think it is about your band that makes you stand out from the rest?

Yesle Kim : I think we have an intimate relationship with our fans which helps us stand out from other bands.

InKyoung Hwang : Melody.

9. Please can you all recommend one song each from your new album to your fans / our readers.

Yesle Kim : I recommend our song ‘별똥별’ [Shooting Star]. That song is even available in the karaoke rooms here in seoul now. Go and have a sing along yourselves!

InKyoung Hwang : Check our our song ‘저녁의 노래’ [Night Song]. Don’t listen in the daytime though!

Min Hyeok Kim : I recommend our song ‘술래잡기’ [Hide and Seek]. It is best to listen to it on a summers evening.

DoIndie has some signed CD’s from the Electric Eels to give away. For more details on how to win this prize, please go to our facebook page (

Interview : Senepul Jung / J-Myon Kim
English Translation : Patrick Connor

Electric Eels CD Release Party :

Date : 19th July (Sat) @ 21:00
Venue : SangSang Madang Live Hall
Door : 44,000won
Guest : Eastern Sidekick

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