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Concert Preview

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The only thing that spoils the excitement of a music festival is the dilemma of having to choose which bands to see. Live Club Day, with its 10 venues hosting lots of musical acts of the highest caliber, is no exception - but the thrill of running between venues after carefully planning one’s timetable is part of the fun! But for those people who have not yet been to many indie shows or, those of you who have trouble making difficult choices … it might be hard to make your own timetables. To help you out four of the DoIndie team have made some recommendations for you. All the members who have made their recommendations are regular concert goers in the Hongdae scene. Check out our recommendations below. Choose one and follow it (we are sure you won’t be disappointed), make your own plan using our recommendations or ... ignore us altogether. Either way, you will have a great evening. Before you set off, make sure you check the locations of the venues, you don’t wanna miss a great show because you are lost in the back streets of Hongdae.

Patrick Connor's course :

I always have a great time at Live Club Day, seeings bands I already know and love playing to packed out venues as well as discovering bands I knew nothing about. For example last month I came across IAmNot for the first time and immediately became a fan. It is usually a nightmare trying to pick who I am going to see each month at Live Club Day, but happily this time round there are no clashes involving bands I really want to see :)

I am happy to see the addition of the electronic stage at Freebird2 (Bigbird) adding some variety to proceedings and showcasing some great acts. That is where I plan to start my night listening to the beautiful vocals of Yukari. I saw her a few years ago now and she blew me away with her wonderful vocals, which sit perfectly over her well crafted chilled out electronic loops. Friends of mine have been recommending blues singer songwriter 'Seedless Watermelon Kim Tae Jung' to me for ages but I’ve still not managed to check him out. I was debating whether or not to see him this time around when I saw that personal friend and amazing musician Ildu Kim is playing right after him, and what’s more they are going to collaborate together as well. Seems like a show not to be missed so I will be heading there right after Yukari finishes and staying put until 11pm. You can check out the interview we did with Ildu here : There is only one place to go next, and that is Club FF to catch the always awesome Goonam. Charming people both on and off stage as well as amazing musicians, they are sure to get you dancing with their super chilled-out retro-electro rock style and laughing with their on stage banter and antics. I asked a friend how she would describe them, she said this : “Listening to their music is like the feeling you get on your first day of vacation, nothing to do, nowhere to be, and you're on a beach sipping a cool crazy cocktail and you lie back and smile”. I think that sums them up perfectly. 

20:00 : Yukari (Freebird 2 - Bigbird)
21:00 : Seedless Watermelon Kim Tae Jung (Veloso)
22:00 : Kim Il Du (Veloso)
23:00 : Goonam (Club FF)

Jin Kim’s course :

Throughout our lives we have to make so many decisions. I have not been to loads of festivals, but I have been to enough to give me some experience that stands me in good stead to make make these kind of decisions. The best thing I have learned is to stay put in one place! There is a saying that goes ‘you would be better off if you stayed quiet’, I think this applies to festivals and events like Live Club Day as well. One of the characteristics of Live Club Day is that they have a wide variety of bands playing at loads of different venues, but usually bands with similar sounds end up playing at the same venues as each other. So, if there is a particular sound or style of music that you like it is often better for you to stay in just the one place where you will fully enjoy the evening. Also, there is a another good point to staying in just the once place, as people come and go you can work your way right to the front (last time I went to Live Club Day I ended up staying right at the front of Veloso for the whole night).

Keeping that in mind, my choice of venue this time round is going to be club FF. The line up of Nunco, Julia Dream x Telefly, Seoul Electric Band & Goonam is goign to be wonderful to behold. After listening to the refined and kitsch sound of Nunco comes the psychedelic double header of Julia Dream x Telefly, Seoul Electric Band who will be sure to blow you away with a wall of sound, you might end up passing out. Thankfully, Goonam will be waiting in the wings to help you recover your mind and body. It really is the perfect lineup! Some people talk about how much fun it is running around and seeing bands at different venues for Live Club Day, but it is not often you get such a perfect blend of bands all in one place. That too holds a certain charm.

20:00 : Nunco (Club FF)
21:00 : Julia Dream x Telefly (Club FF)
22:00 : Seoul Electric Band (Club FF)
23:00 : Goonam (Club FF)

Yoonji’s course :

I have an opinion that live clubs exist for break neck headbanging at and so at 8 O’clock I will start Live Club Day at VHall with 메스그램. Originally the band had a very unique sound as the vocalist had a fresh, clear voice and the backing singer had a confident growling voice. I heard that in March they got a new vocalist so I am curious to see what the new sound is like for the band. Your neck will be aching after headbanging at VHall so it is time to head over to Evans Lounge to see 사람또사람. They have a nervous stage presence but sing their songs perfectly. After spending an hour swaying your body to the sounds of 사람또사람 it will be the perfect time to see some more heavy metal. So let’s rush over to SangSang Madang to ensure we get a spot to see 크래쉬. Anyone who was a teen in the late 90’s / early 2000’s will recognise the angry, almost scolding like lyrics "니가 진짜로 원하는 게 뭐야으아으아어아앜 (What is it that you really want)", even if you don’t know the band’s name. I am going to keep those memories in mind to prepare for the set. If we have any energy left after all this jumping in and out of the fire let’s go to FF to see Goonam. Before you can even work out what kind of music they are playing you will be dancing along to them.

20:00 : Messgram (VHall)
21:00 : People & People (Evans Lounge)
22:00 : Crash (SangSang Madang)
23:00 : Goonam

A-Lim’s course :

I think this will be the Live Club Day where I have to move around the most! It is a bit of a shame that this time around loads of the bands I am curious about are playing at the same time, so I am going run around and try to catch a little bit of each set. Firstly, thanks to Live Club Day I get to see a band I have been interested in for ages, Needle and Gem. They don’t play live much and so it is worth seeing them while you can, even if just for a short time. Half way through I am going to run over to Club Ta to catch the end of Theater 8. I am really excited to see them too. I am going because I have heard they put on a great live show, also they have just released a new single called <너랑 뽀뽀할래 [I want to kiss you]>. As soon as they are finished I will head to the club next door, FF to see Julia Dream x Telefly (Club FF). It is not often you get to see bands collaborating together like this, so this is a unique opportunity. Sadly, I’m only gonna see half of it because I intend to run over to Veloso to see another collaboration that I’m really excited about between Seedless Watermelon Kim Tae Jung & Kim Ildu. I am going to be flustered with all this moving about but a collaboration between two such cool musicians is not one to be missed. After that, it is back to Club Ta to see Cogason. They look cute and young but they play with strength which makes them really appealing, as you tap your feet along to the beat you will find yourself falling for this cool band. You your last remaining strength to drag yourself over to Club FF. I remember dancing like crazy to Goonam at past shows, but anyone who sees keyboardist NaEon Kim infectious stage presence and playing will immediately be into this band. I plan to watch Goonam right to the end of their set, but whether or not I will make it home at the end of the night or not, I don’t know.

20:00 : Needle & Gem (Evans Lounge) | Theater8 (Club Ta)
21:00 : Julia Dream x Telefly (Club FF) | Seedless Watermelon Kim Tae Jung & Kim Ildu
22:00 : Cogason (Club Ta)
23:00 : Goonam (Club FF)

Tickets :

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- Date : June 16th - June 25th (Excluding Mondays)
- Location : XIndie Ticket Lounge (Across From KT&G SandSang Madang)
- Price : 20,000 won (Max 2 Tickets per person)
- Contact : 02-322-2218

Door Tickets :
Limited numbers of door tickets will be available at all participating clubs on the night of the show.


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1st LIVE CLUB DAY Highlights from COMPANY F on Vimeo.

2nd LIVE CLUB DAY Highlights from COMPANY F on Vimeo.

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