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Concert Preview

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The only thing that spoils the excitement of a music festival is the dilemma of having to choose which bands to see. Live Club Day, with its 10 venues hosting 36 musical acts of the highest caliber, is no exception - but the thrill of running between venues after carefully planning one’s timetable is part of the fun! But for those people who have not yet been to many indie shows or, those of you who have trouble making difficult choices … it might be hard to make your own timetables. To help you out four of the DoIndie team have made some recommendations for you. The four members who have made their recommendations are regular concert goers in the Hongdae scene. Check out our recommendations below. Choose one and follow it (we are sure you won’t be disappointed), make your own using our recommendations or ... ignore us altogether. Either way, you will have a great evening. Before you set off, make sure you check the locations of the venues, you don’t wanna miss a great show because you are lost in the back streets of Hongdae.

Patrick's course :

I’ve enjoyed all the Live Club Day lineups thus far, but this one really seems tailor made for me. It has been really hard to choose who to go and see, and there are big decisions to be made at each time slot of the evening. One such problem this month is to choose between Romantiqua (at Prism Hall) and Jambinai (at Veloso). I’ve seen Jambinai recently, so I think I’ll be watching Romantiqua with their high energy, attitude-driven psychedelic rock (keep an eye on their drummer as he spits out unfathomably fast fills and awesome beats). Who to see at 9:00 isn’t any easier. Apollo 18 are amazing and don’t play very often these days, but I will be over at Freebird dancing along to the always awesome and wonderfully weird WeDance. If you haven't seen them yet, don’t miss out. They are a hard band to describe, but we tried (“The mildly insane duo spends a great majority of its time on stage living up to their name.” I saw Ankle Attack for the very first time a few weeks ago and they blew me away with their cool mix of dark, heavy, post rock riffs and occasional angry-sounding vocals. I can’t wait to see them again. I’ve never seen Hollow Jan, but always wanted to, so I’m going to make the mad dash all the way across Hongdae in the hopes of getting back to Prism (where I will have started the night) in time to catch them at long last. If I’ve got any energy left after that, I will pop in to Freebird 2 on the way home to watch mod rockers Four Brothers and The Roosters keep everyone dancing late into the night.

20:00 : Romantiqua
21:00 : WeDance
22:00 : Ankle Attack
23:00 : Hollow Jan

Wonbi’s course :

This month will be the first time I have been to Live Club Day. To get the night off to a good start, I’m heading to Prism Hall first to lose myself in the sounds of Romantiqua. In an ideal world I’d want to hear all of the songs off their 2014 album, ‘Revenge’ (I doubt the set will last that long), but I’m excited to see what songs they include in their set. As long as they play my favorite song ‘Cold Night’, I will go home happy. Right after that I’m going to unwind and release all this past month’s stress with The Hysterics. Their sound never fails to impress; they’re always better than I expect. I wanted to see them at last month’s ‘Who We Are’ concert, but sadly didn’t get to catch their set, so I’m thankful they’re hitting up Live Club Day. All the bands I like are playing in different venues, so I’m a little worried about all the running around I will have to do! ha ha! After that I’m going to see Ankle Attack (at FF) and Street Guns (at Big Bird), two bands I’ve been interested in for ages. With all this toing and froing between clubs I’d better wear my running shoes! Can’t wait for Live Club Day!

20:00 : Romantiqua (Prism Hall)
21:00 : The Hysterics (Gogos 2)
22:00 : Ankle Attack
23:00 : Street Guns (Freebird 2)

Jamie’s course :

For a multitude of reasons, since Live Club Day made its return to the scene, I have been unable to attend.  That is why I doubt I could be more excited for the third installment of the event on April 24th! Though I’m quite used to spending my weekends running all over Hongdae for great music, the timetable worked out so that I don’t have to travel too far to catch a wide variety of music, and see so many of the bands I love.

I’ll start the night off at Gogos 2 with punk rockers Icy Cider.  I haven’t seen them in a while and I know they’re a great way to make the switch from getting off work to getting into the show.  They will definitely get you moving, and you’re more than likely to be singing along by the end of the set. Next I’ll be staying at Gogos 2 to headbang a little with glam metal band The Hysterics.  Their style and sound always take me back to a different time.  At 10, I’ll head next door to Club Ta for Kingston Rudieska. Though this is yet another dramatic shift in genres, I love dancing along with a huge crowd of fans to their contagious brand of ska. The 11 o’clock hour has me a bit torn, so much so that I’ve decided to catch two different bands. First, I can’t wait to see Eastern Sidekick again, as they recently returned from playing at SXSW and were very well received. Before the end, however, I’ll cut over to Freebird 2 (Big Bird) to catch the end of the “kimchibilly” boys, Street Guns.  From then on, I’m staying put. Four Brothers and The Roosters follow, and by that time, they will be the only live bands on the timetable, so you can be sure the party will be going on at Freebird 2. Both Four Brothers and The Roosters have a plethora of catchy, danceable songs in their repertoire, and an energetic fan base to go along with it.  See you at the show!

20:00 : Icy Cider (Gogos 2)
21:00 : The Hysterics (Gogos 2)
22:00 : Kingston Rudieska (Club Ta)
23:00 : Eastern Sidekick (Club FF)
23:20 : Street Guns (Freebird 2)
00:00 : Four Brothers (Freebird 2)
01:00 : The Roosters (Freebird 2)

Hyewon’s course :

It’s getting harder and harder to choose who to go and see at Live Club Day each month. However, right from the time I saw them announced as headliners for this month’s show, I made up my mind to go and see Jambinai, so that’s where I will be going first. Jambinai are one of the most outstanding crossover bands in our country. They fuse traditional Korean instruments, like the Geomungo and Haegeum, with electric guitar and drums. They even got invited to play at the Glastonbury Festival in England. Check them out at Club Day to see just how good they are.

After seeing Jambinai at Veloso I’m heading right over to Prism to catch Apollo 18 (thankfully, it’s not too far away!). They are a post rock band who have been making waves for ages but I’ve not had the chance to see them live yet, so this will be a first for me. I really hope to see them play their song called ‘Warm’. Right after Apollo 18, in the same venue you can catch Lowdown 30. Needless to say, the already well-known blues rock band will be great.

Last up, Eastern Sidekick. It’s a long trek back to the venue (FF), but it will be worth it to see them. They have loads of fans, so I’m a little worried about whether I’ll even be able to get into the venue. If I do get in, I’ll be dancing away the rest of Live Club Day to the powerful sounds of Eastern Sidekick. 

20:00 : Jambinai (Veloso)
21:00 : Apollo 18 (Prism Hall)
22:00 : Lowdoan 30 (Prism Hall)
23:00 : Eastern Sidekick (Club FF)

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1st LIVE CLUB DAY Highlights from COMPANY F on Vimeo.

2nd LIVE CLUB DAY Highlights from COMPANY F on Vimeo.


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