Posted on May 25, 2015

Concert Preview

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The only thing that spoils the excitement of a music festival is the dilemma of having to choose which bands to see. Live Club Day, with its 10 venues hosting lots of musical acts of the highest caliber, is no exception - but the thrill of running between venues after carefully planning one’s timetable is part of the fun! But for those people who have not yet been to many indie shows or, those of you who have trouble making difficult choices … it might be hard to make your own timetables. To help you out four of the DoIndie team have made some recommendations for you. The three members who have made their recommendations are regular concert goers in the Hongdae scene. Check out our recommendations below. Choose one and follow it (we are sure you won’t be disappointed), make your own using our recommendations or ... ignore us altogether. Either way, you will have a great evening. Before you set off, make sure you check the locations of the venues, you don’t wanna miss a great show because you are lost in the back streets of Hongdae.

Eunji Kim's course :

This is is my first chance to go to Live Club Day since it restarted a few months ago. I’ve been so busy recently I’ve not been able to make it to any live shows but DoIndie’s FWD Vol. 4 reminded me what I’ve been missing out on. Time to escape from everyday life! One of the reasons I’m so looking forward to this month’s Live Club Day is that the lineup has so much variety. Past shows have focused on rock n roll, but this month has a lot more to offer. Of course, I love rock music too, but this time I am going to include some jazz recommendations as well. First up, at 8 o’clock I am going to check out Blocs, after warming up with them I am going to make my jazz mind happy with the Younwoo Park trio. Next I will watch the Youngjoo Song trio and then finally head off and finish the day with the intense sounds of Love X Stereo. These days I’ve grown tired of jumping around like mad at concerts, so I hope you enjoy my slightly more relaxing recommendations. 

20:00 : Blocks (Gogos 2)
21:00 : Younwoo Park Trio (Veloso)
22:00 : Youngjoo Song Trio (Veloso)
23:00 : Love X Stereo (Prism Hall)

Jamie’s course :

At the last Live Club Day I made it my goal to catch as many of my favorite bands as possible, and given the close proximity of many of the clubs I would say I was incredibly successful, as I managed to see at least partial sets of nine different bands.  This time around, however, I would like to take it a bit easier and enjoy some full sets. So to start off the night I’ll head to Gogos2 to see The Blocs, a band that sort of reminded me of Radiohead the first time I saw them and always make me happy when I do. Next up will be HEO at Prism Hall, whom I haven’t been able to see live yet but have been listening to them since I was first shown the video for Luna last year. I was mesmerized and am really psyched to see them live.

At 10pm I’ll be in FF for Wasted Johnny’s, who recently released their first full-length album (check out DoIndie’s interview with the band!), so hopefully we’ll get to hear a lot of tracks off the album at that show. After that I’ll slow it down a bit with Achtung at Club Ta. I was fortunate to see them recently at the Top Band Festival in Chuncheon, and even at 3am, this dynamic trio did not disappoint. I am excited to see what they will have prepared for Live Club Day. At midnight I’ll head over to Freebird to catch one of my latest obsessions, A’Z Bus, who were also recently added to the lineup at Pentaport this summer. So if you’d like a preview of this amazing band, be sure to check them out!  See you at the show!

20:00 : Blocks (GoGos 2)
21:00 : HEO (Prism Hall)
22:00 : Wasted Johnny’s (Club FF)
23:00 : Achtung (Club Ta)
00:00 : A’Z Bus (Freebird 2 - Bigbird)

Nuri Jung’s course :

I’m going to use the electronic music-focused Prism Hall as my base and dart out once or twice to other clubs during the evening. First up I am going to go and dance to EDM band Newton to get rid of all the stress that has built up in my body over the week. When you listen to Newton’s song ‘Weekend’ you can come to the realisation that the weekend is finally here. After that I will stay at Prism to see dream pop, post rock, electronic band HEO. I am looking forward to experiencing their wide variety of sounds. Sadly, with the sounds of HEO lingering in my ears I will have to leave halfway through their set to make it over to club Ta to catch the second half Kanari Soda. After seeing the music video they made called ‘I’m Kim Rock Gun’ I’ve been really intrigued to see what they are like. After satisfying that particular itch I will run back to Prism Hall again to see Coremagazine (the winners of Hello Rookie in 2012) belt out their mix of garage rock, synth pop and electronica. Last up I will be at FF to rock out with the 4 piece ‘cool guy’ band The Monotones. Just from looking at their live music videos online the band seem to have a certain something about them, their charm seems to jump out of the screen at you. When I see their videos I want to shout out loud, like I am at a show. I think seeing them live is going to make the night complete for me. I plan to make it a proper ‘Fire Friday’ and go hard until I’ve used up all my energy. I’m not sure I will be able to sleep once I get home because of all the excitement.

20:00 : Newton (Prism Hall)
21:00 : HEO (Prism Hall), Kanari Soda (Club Ta)
22:00 : Coremagazine (Prism Hall)
23:00 : The Monotones (Club FF)

Tickets :

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- Date : May 19th - May 28th (Excluding Mondays)
- Location : XIndie Ticket Lounge (Across From KT&G SandSang Madang)
- Price : 20,000 won (Max 2 Tickets per person)
- Contact : 02-322-2218

Door Tickets :
Limited numbers of door tickets will be available at all participating clubs on the night of the show.


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1st LIVE CLUB DAY Highlights from COMPANY F on Vimeo.

2nd LIVE CLUB DAY Highlights from COMPANY F on Vimeo.


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