Posted on September 15, 2017


This month’s playlist is called ‘The music that feeds my ears’. The low-hanging, cloudy sky is getting clearer and the short summer nights are getting longer. Maybe with the season of falling leaves and the promise of snowy weather approaching, we will feel calmer. When we listen to certain songs, we get a comforting feeling of being satisfied without having eaten anything. It is a blessing in life to hear music that enriches one’s body and mind, regardless of genre. What are some of the candy-coated songs that make your ears fertile?

1. Kiha & The Faces - Steamed Rice 

Listening to all the delicious dishes mentioned, such as rice, soy sauce braised beef, grilled seaweed, baked fish, soy sauce crab and salted pollack roe, I feel hungry rather than full. When did I last eat rice? I don’t remember clearly. It’s good to eat the well-prepared meal in this song, but I should try to eat better in the real world, too. But for now, I’ll just listen to this song and feed my ears. - Kim Hansol


2. Marmalade Kitchen - Heart Sauce (feat. Chai) 

Put five pieces of crunchy toast in the oven and wait five minutes. Spread whipped cream on it and sprinkle with cinnamon. Dip one piece of honey butter bread in it and put it in your mouth. These are the lyrics of the song, which is about proposing with a completed dish, and the process of preparing it is described in detail, so that it feels like I’m cooking. The voice in the song is so pure and fresh. Let’s just feed our ears with crunchy honey butter bread and fresh salad. - Kwak Hyemin

3. Underwear Band -- Lost Youth

In September, we feel somehow chilled. The air smells like fall and the wind feels cooler on our arms, legs and cheeks. The fragrance of the early fall is fresh, but there is a stiff feeling in my heart. If you are someone who thinks like me, listen to this song while walking down the street. It touches your heart with a sweet and sassy shoegazing guitar and a sound like a waterfall that creates a huge barrier. In such a season, the worries that haven’t previously been a big deal come suddenly swirling around in my head. Too much thinking is not good, but only poison. When you don’t know where to go, just feed yourself and with good music and relax while listening. Maybe the random thoughts will go away if you fill your ears rather than your brain. If tears fall, let them be. - Han Yesol

4. Jannabi - Summer                           

Recently it seems that every year has been the hottest year in history, but autumn comes so fast that we can’t even remember how hot the past summer was. Love is similar. When we are burning with love, it seems to be the thing in my life, but love also comes to an end. As time goes by, it too becomes just one of many past loves. I’m not just referring to my own love story which ended last month... - Kim Minjip

5. Nametag - Let’s Smoke

Cigarettes are always tasty, whether it’s in the stuffy heat of summer or winter’s freezing weather. Even though it feels like I’m hurting growing plants in spring, in fall smoking feels good, too. Smoking a cigarette in moderately clear and cool weather, which is surely bad for my body as well as in any weather, somehow feels like it cleans out my lungs. The cracking sound of leaves on the street accompanied by the sound of a burning cigarette makes me want to smoke again and again. - Chae Yeonsik

6. Method - existence to nonextistence

These days, I’m craving rock music. This is nothing new for me, but recently it’s been getting harder to satisfy my hunger. I decided to go to rock festivals to sort it out, but the hardcore/metal bands all play really early in the lineups, when there are few people around to enjoy the show. These kinds of experiences bring nothing but discontent to me, so I can only shake my head alone in my room with thick padded headphones on my ears and turn the volume up like I’m at a rock festival. My ears hurt, but I’m left satisfied. That’s all I need. This is rock and roll. - Lee Jubin


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