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PARTY, PEOPLE! May is the month where it really feels like the summer playtime season has arrived. Universities across the country hold their annual festivals and offices hold their yearly ‘team building’ (getting smashed) trips to the countryside. Everyone stays out drinking into the early hours. The major festivals start to announce their headline acts one by one and new relationships are forged before the crazy hot summer officially begins. The start of May sees the public holidays of Labor Day, Buddha's Birthday & Children's Day and the 20th presidential election all backing onto the weekend to make a nice long spring break. What songs do you think will be good to listen to at this time? DOINDIE’s team chose some songs to help you get in the mood for partying at the summer festivals.

[Broccoli You Too - Graduation]

There was a big protest by students at the university I attended, the students took over the school headquarters. At that time one student wrote on the University forum page a suggestion about starting a rock festival like Woodstock at the school. It was written like a joke really, but everyone quickly got behind the idea and out of nowhere we ended up holding a free festival on the school grounds. The headliner was Broccoli You Too, and despite being contacted at last minute and having another show to prepare for, they still agreed to come and perform an acoustic set for us. The highlight of their show was the song ‘Graduation’, everyone was waving sparklers and singing along to it with the band.  The memory of Deok-won, who shouted "this crazy world" as if holding a fist and singing a folk song, is vivid in my mind. Music certainly has the power to move people. - Minjip Kim

[Achime - Firework Play]

We want to let loose while the festival is happening. I want to go into the deepest and darkest places in my mind and escape from reality. Firework Play, one of the songs off Achime’s 2010 album <Hunch> is a song filled with light rhythm and is about young people staying up and partying all night. The festival in the late teens or early 20s may be a dream of a midsummer night that disappears in a flash. Those who will not be needed anymore when the sun rise, like a flaming fire knowing it will soon be ashes, and those who are desperate to stop morning from coming.A world in which such people mix up and form an Asari version. In the end, I know that you, me, this love will disappear, but we love and live like this. The highlights of the song is the guitar solos that smells like jazz and the moment when all the misical instruments stop as “the day brightens and sechimi stays.” - Yesol Han

[Kiha & the Faces - Human Mind]

Most universities in Korea hold a festival each May. Last year I was a member of the student council and as a result I was part of the team organising our university's spring festival. We invited Kiha & the Faces to come and play. Usually bands play for only around 30 mins each, but Kiha & the Faces were killing it, and so they played us an extra two or three encore tracks for everyone. We heard a lot of their songs that day, but the one that sticks out the most for me was the song called ‘Human Mind'. The show was in full swing, but it was almost time for the end of their set when they sing this song. The lyrics were perfect for the moment, everyone wanted to see more songs but the lyrics of this particular one, which say ‘Let's go home now, everything is done, let’s go home’ seemed to appease the audience somehow and make it feel like it was the right time to go home. It was a perfect song to have near the end of the set. It was my first time to ever see Kiha & the Faces play live, and I really fell for them. Even after the show everyone kept praising them. I’ve been only managing the festival for two years as a director, but this year, I will enjoy the party as just a normal student! Very new and excited! - Hyemin Kwak

[Eastern Sidekick - There Comes and Goes the Thirsty Dog]

The purpose of visiting a festival is different for everyone. Some people go because it is a  good opportunity to see foreign bands that would otherwise be impossible to see. Other people go to see their favorite bands play their favorite songs. Some people go, simply because they enjoy being at festival. A few years ago, I found another reason that makes me want to go to festivals. It was the last day of the Pentaport in 2011. I was grabbing a bite to eat and struggling to escape the intense sunlight because of a lack of shade when a song from the nearby stage caught my attention. I heard the words ‘There Comes and Goes the Thirsty Dog’, I thought I must be hearing things so I strained to listen harder. The next words went something like ‘It’s hot as hell, but there is no shade’. I put down my spoon and ran over to the stage. Up on the stage was a band whose name I did not yet know, looking like wild beasts. The lyrics were almost psychic in their accuracy. It really was crazy hot and there really was no shade to hide in.  I was hypnotized by them for a full three minutes. Many festivals have a stage dedicated to introducing new bands, or they put them on really early in the day. Ever since first stumbling upon Eastern Side Kick that day I have tried to make a habit of always going early or heading towards the side stages to search for these hidden gems. Now it's the full-fledged festival season, how about checking out some of the side stages or the bands playing earlier in the day. You might just find your new favorite band. Surprisingly I have found that the success rate is quite high. Make sure you are one of the first people who can say that they were there when they witnessed the birth of the next super band first. - Joobin Lee

 [Soran - Around Autumn]

Soran is from Korea but every time they play a festival they give a kind of Northern European dance masterclass at the same time. It was at a festival two years ago that I first encountered Soran playing their song 가을목이 (Around Autumn) and performing their Nordic dance, which they imported themselves. The song has an exciting vibe to it and it is really easy to learn the dance steps for it as well. It provides a good opportunity to make new friends with the people next to you as you learn the dance together. At the time, it was the first time I saw Soran, I was not a member of the audience per say, i was a volunteer and working as part of the festivals planning team. I was working in a booth, it had been really busy and I was working up a real sweat dealing with all the customers. When Soran played through, it all died down and I managed to take in the sounds coming from the far away stage. All of a sudden tens of thousands of people suddenly all got up at the same time and started to dance. Seeing that, me and my co-workers joined in dancing like we were possessed. I have seen the band perform that song once or twice since at other festivals and I always end up dancing like a madman. These Days whenever talk of a festival arises, it immediately reminds me of Srand and their Northern European dance class.  I look forward to a day shaking my body to the sounds of Soran this year as well. - Hansol Kim 

 [ mot - 헛되었어]

It’s getting awkward for me to enjoy festivals. I’m not sure if it’s because of others’ attention or myself’s. Whenever I try to enjoy myself to get along, and not to show my awkwardness, I feel the absolute quantity of my inner fun is diminishing over time. Maybe a doctor can say to me “ you can not dance anymore.” as music stops and the firework ends the brain starts cool down. Those who are leaving the festival seem like they are leaving with a bit of loss with themselves. It is possible that some of them might not be able to dance next year. Maybe they will think that enjoying festival is being awkward and valueless. However we can never stop dancing. We should keep moving to say “it was not that bad” to myself in yesterday. Even though it was valueless and wasteful, but not bad. I want to give myself some comforting words although i can not cover my immature self-deception with beautiful vocabularies. - Yeonsik Chae 


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