Posted on March 01, 2017


Hey there, Readers! Sadly, we have not been able to put out a playlist for a while. But we plan to rectify that this year! To get us started, this is the first DOINDIE playlist of 2017. The word ‘first’ can evoke excitement and set the heart a-flutter. When you hear the word ‘first’, what song comes to mind? Perhaps a song that reminds you of your first love, the song you first played on your guitar, your favorite song by the first band you ever saw live, the song you like to listen to at the start of the day?

We at DOINDIE have prepared a fun collection of songs that we think will be the perfect tonic for those of you who want to forget about the troubles of a turbulent 2016 and make a new start in 2017, or for those of you who just want to remember your first kiss.  

[Jeongmilla - 'My Room Is a Palace']

The first time someone lives alone and becomes truly independent from their family is an unforgettable moment. Even though you may be heading for a single room place with crappy lighting and paper-thin walls …. Because you have a dream, to you it is a palace, your very own kingdom. For me, whenever I listen to this song it gives me that feeling of excitement that I had when I first moved into my own place. - Minjip Kim

[J_ust, Dr. Simpson - 'Lovely Day For Us']

I don’t remember all that well, but I suspect it was about 2014. I had come up from my family's house to hang out with my sister in Hongdae. It was a freezing cold day but we stumbled upon J_ust out in the street, guitars in hand and singing songs. They had come all the way up to Seoul from Daegu (a city to the south) to busk. Actually, at that point they were not called J_ust yet. Because of the singer’s amazing voice, despite the freezing weather, I was driven to stay there watching the band play. For me, a girl from Geoje (an island town in the countryside), it was the first time I had ever seen anyone busking. This was the song I heard that day, and at the time it had not yet been released. It was a song to help relieve the coldness of that winter's day. - Hyemin Kwak

[Frenzy - 'Icarus']

Something new is approaching. At first, it is a speck in the distance that feels a long way off but all of a sudden it’s right there in front of your nose. It is at that point that the anticipation and tension hit you hard. When the excitement of this newness reaches its peak and hits you it can overwhelm everything. Whenever you are waiting for something important--a new person, a new season, a new love--take a quick listen to this song and it will add to that feeling of overwhelming excitement. - Joobin Lee

[ - 'Did the Time of Genuine French Fries Pass']

The start and the end of something are never really far apart. As soon as something has begun, its actual starting point has already passed. Even if the special moments are left behind in the realm of nostalgia, it’s too soon to be homesick. This is because we all have a magic word that we can call upon to provide us with a shot of nostalgia whenever we want it. The time of the French Fry has still not passed. - Yeonsik Chae

 [National Pigeon Unity - 'Supertask']

This is a track off the album <Hero>, released by National Pigeon Unity near the end of autumn 2016. Like an echo, the words ‘plus one, minus one’ are repeated over and over again. Similarly, the guitar riff goes up and down through the notes, much like someone running up and down a staircase. The song makes you feel a bit like you have just done a hard workout, but then eaten loads of rubbish, and thus you are back at the same weight you were at before exercising. We can never really qualify exactly how much we have actually achieved by doing it. The doing of something is just a process. The end of one thing simply marks the beginning of something else; our lives are an endless circle of things to do and things to learn. When you need something to give you a little energy to help you endure the daily grind, or if you just want a little extra injection of passion, then this is the song to listen to. - Yesol Han

 [Seonwoo Jeonga - 'Springirls']

On the day when I get out of the shower and it’s not so cold anymore, that is how I know the seasons have suddenly started to change. Spring always seems to sneak up on me somehow and catch my by surprise. I am not sure exactly what preparing for spring might entail, but it always arrives before I’m ready for it. I am always caught off guard. When I look back on my past, it feels like I am just getting older, with no achievements to speak of, and just a pile of regrets. I kick myself for not doing more with my life, but it will soon be spring, new lives will be born and the winter blues will pass. I had almost gotten stuck in a cycle of negative thoughts, but then I listened to Seonwoo Jeonga’s <Springirls>, which got me out of my funk. I don’t think of spring as anything particularly romantic, nor do I get particularly excited about it; however, it is the start of a new season, and because it is spring I think it’s good to start it off in the right frame of mind. - Hansol Kim

 [Crying Nut - Isn't That Good?]

I believe that when starting something new it’s nice to have some kind of pattern to keep it feeling more typical and stable. For example, before a new semester started at school, I would always buy three new notebooks and a pair of socks. Likewise, at the start of a new year, I will always make sure I listen to this song! To avoid making it tough even from the start, for me I find that listening to a familiar song is comforting and provides a good starting point for any new adventure. - Songhee Roh


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