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[‘Unrequired Love’ by Morrison Hotel]

While listening to this song, I suddenly had a thought: Why is it that the feeling of loving someone can creep up on us without us realising? It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when the feelings start to blossom but without really noticing people tend to start to focus more of their attention on that person. Just like in this song’s lyrics, in order not to miss a thing they do, we begin to ‘pay particular attention to that special person's appearance’ and ‘listen with strained ears to their voice’. We often try to hide these unstable feelings from that person, try to stop them hearing the sound of our heart beating, but when you like someone it’s hard to keep your emotions in check and thus, hard to hide your feelings from that person. I feel like I understand the song really well because each line of the song reminds me of a time when I had a crush on someone.

Band Introduction: Band Introduction : Morrison Hotel is vocalist and singer songwriter, Suhan Nam, who is joined by session players Soo Jong Yoon (guitar), Gibin Kim (bass) and Gwangmyung Chae (drums). When asked why he chose to become a musician Nam replies :

Anyone can die at any time.

I want to have no regrets when I die.

Whether I have been successful or not

I want to die having done all the things I wanted to do.

In 1999 I was 25 years old

at that time

I chose to become a musician..

In this life, I want to live like this.

-Morrison Hotel, Suhan Nam’

Band News: The video of Morrison Hotel’s song 'Unrequired Love' (the song featured on this month's playlist), is well worth watching. It features Suhan Nam playing a solo version of the song down at Sky Park one peaceful winter's day in December. On that day the workers were cutting down the long grass, but they took a break and waited especially so that the video could be shot. Thanks to them being willing to wait we get to see a cool video for Morrison Hotel’s 'Unrequired Love'. Check out the video below.

[‘Today Tonight’ by Brosfactory]

While listening to the beautiful piano melodies in the song 'Today Tonight' by Bros Factory I had a thought. Why is it so hard to meet someone who likes you as much as you like them? The people I tend to fall for don’t tend to like me…and sadly, the people who like me, on the other hand, don’t tend to suit my tastes either. I hate feeling like that. If you listen to the lyrics in this song you will find yourself feeling sorry for the subject of the lyrics. If you are someone that has experienced a heavy crush on someone and promised that special person you will do anything for them then you will feel sympathy for the lyrics in this song.

Band Introduction: Bros Factory is a band made up of four people who are too shy about their talents to call themselves musicians. The band started out playing as jazz musicians in a jazz bar. Over dinner one night after a show they were debating calling it a day, but after some debate they decided that would be a waste of their talents and chose to form a band together instead. They chose the name Bros Factory to evoke a sense of humanism. They started practising together without any real goals in mind and ended up recording an album together, but quickly felt like they had reached their limit, and so again found themselves debating whether or not to call it a day… around the same time fate had it that they met a vocalist who would complete the current lineup and enable the band to carry on. The members are Jin Soo Kim, Dong Seok Kim, Jin Il Kim, Young Guk Shim.

Band News: The cover art for the band’s latest release has a rather special meaning behind it. The artwork was created by Bros Factory’s biggest fans who submitted pictures they had taken from their daily lives to a contest set up by the band. After a meticulous selection process the winning picture was selected and the photographer was awarded a box of instant noodles as a prize. Also, at the very end of the song on DOINDIE’s playlist this month you can hear a female vocalist. This also is a contribution from a fan who lent her voice to the recording. Bros Factory pride themselves on being a DIY band and so of course it will come as no surprise to find out they did all the recording, mixing and mastering themselves. Their latest release is no exception and the band have gone one step further by producing their own music video as well.

[‘See Your Eeys’ by Jannabi]

See Your Eyes by Jannabi starts out with a cool piano riff. If you are a DOINDIE reader and you are listening to this song for the first time it is highly likely that you will become addicted to the riff in the first four bars of the intro and the charming vocal melodies. If you listen just once, it’s hard to resist the urge to listen again. The lyrics will probably end up reminding you of when you were young.

Band Introduction: The name Jannabi comes from a dialect and means ‘monkey’. The band chose this name because the members were all born in 1992, the Year of the Monkey. The band are made up of Jung Hoon Choi (vocals), Do Hyung Kim (guitar), Young Hyun Yoo (keyboard), Kyung Jun Jang (bass), Kyeol Yun (drums) 

Band News: On March 19th Jannabi will be playing the Super Rookie concert and have just been announced as performers at Live Club Day on the 25th as well. Make sure to check them out.

[‘Consumer Her’ by Magna Fall]

If you are a Magna Fall fan, there is no way you haven’t already fallen in love with this song. The song from Magna Fall that we have chosen for this month's playlist is called ‘Consume Her’, as it really gives you an overall feel of the band’s appeal.  Their lyrics reflect consumerism and how that excessive desire ironically consumes individuals. The melodies in the song have a touch of pop music about them making it an accessible track for all to enjoy. Make sure to try and catch them performing this song live; Kevin’s powerful vocal performance along with the fantastic drum, bass, and guitar riffs are sure to blow you away.

Band Introduction: Much like a half-and-half order of spicy and fried chicken, Magna Fall are a half-and-half band of two foreigners and two Koreans: Kevin Heintz (guitar & vocals), David Holden (drums), Joongmo Do (guitar) and Yeonsoo Lee (bass). The band take their influences from Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Thin Lizzy, Nirvana, STP and more. Their playing skills saw them crowned Penta Super Rookies and win a spot to perform at the 2013 edition of Pentaport Rock Festival.

Band News: The band are playing loads of shows at the moment. Make sure to catch them live for the full Magna Fall experience.

 [‘Sophia’ by Barbie Dolls]

[Photo by Cindi L'Abbe]

After Seoul, Busan is probably the city with the biggest music scene. Maybe it’s just me, but whenever I listen to bands from Busan it makes me end up thinking about being at the beach. The more I listen to bands from down south, the more and more I want to visit Busan again. It will come as no surprise to you then that listening to Barbie Dolls evokes those same feelings in me. Listening to the recital-style lyrics in the Barbie Dolls’ song ‘Sophia’ makes me imagine being at the beach and meeting someone called Sophia. Close your eyes, take a listen to the song and see what you end up imagining.

Band Introduction: Barbie Dolls in their own words : “Barbie Dolls are Jot Barbie 1 and Jot Barbie 2. We play drums and guitar and sing. These days Jot Barbie 1 likes tasting whisky, watching shitty movies, and insulting people on facebook with dirty, sexist jokes. Jot Barbie 1 hates Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds, and Ryan Reynolds. Before going to bed Jot Barbie 2 usually reads A History of Guam and the Bible and then listens to Echo & the Bunnymen. Jot Barbie 2 is scared of fascists, big business, and fascists supported by big business”.

Band News: Barbie Dolls are based in Busan and can be found regularly playing shows down there. Make sure to check them out on your next trip down. If you live there, no doubt you have already seen them … if not, make sure to right that wrong at the earliest opportunity.  

Thanks to all the bands and musicians who have allowed us to use their music in this month’s DOINDIE playlist. Also, I (Shou Cream B) have a final word I’d like to say to our readers. Make sure you keep an eye out for April’s playlist--It’s going to be a spotlight of five bands from the heavier side of Korea’s music scene. Check back here at the start of April!

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