Posted on February 05, 2016


“This song is my favorite song!”

Can you remember the first time you thought that about a song? There are some songs I like to listen to over and over again (so many times it is hard to count), so this month I’m going to try to describe why I like some of these songs so much! Take a listen to the songs on this month's playlist, they might well turn out to be some of your favorite songs as well. Take a listen to them one by one and let me know what you think.

[Earthbound : Soon The Song Will Be Ended Slowly]

The first time I ever heard this song, I felt a little bit unsure on how to feel about it as I couldn’t work out exactly how to dance along to the rhythm. So, at that time I just thought, “Ah, this song isn’t for me I guess”. However, as time went by at some point I found myself revisiting the song and hitting the play button again and again. Initially it was the lyrics, delivered by the vocalist’s deep masculine voice, that got me hooked. Then as I listened more I was taken by the drummer’s free sounding but still rhythmical beats that fit in into well with the natural sounding bass rhythms.

About the Band: The band is a three piece band made up of members Kaksung Kim (guitar, vocals), Young Kim (bass), Seongkuk Park (drum). The band originally formed in December 2013 after the three of them finished at Seoul Jazz academy.

Band News: Earthbound will play alongside Kuang Program and Look & Listen at club Bbang on Feb 12th.

[Hellivision : Kinky]

Watching Hellivision play live is sure to make you smile, Certainly, the first time I heard their music I had the biggest smile on my face. After finding out about the band I saw their Naver Onstage live session videos with Oki Kim(a saxophonist) and it made me think, “I don’t think there is any other band that looks so happy to be performing as these guys”. Their motto is that if the people on stage are not having fun, how are the people watching supposed to have fun? As a result that philosophy, Hellivision always tries their best to make the show as fun as possible every time.

About the Band: Hellivision is a jam / improv band with a classic rock sound. The band is made up of three members, Taehun Lee (guitar), Kunwoong Oh (bass) & Jiwan Jung (drums)

Band News: The band are currently working on their second full length album, due for release later this year. The band had planned to go over to Nepal for some pre-recording bonding, but sadly they had to cancel their plans as there were no more tickets available.

[A-Fuzz : Chance]

A-Fuzz came up with their name by combining the words ‘funk’ & ‘jazz’ together to get ‘fuzz’ and then they stuck the letter ‘a’ onto the front to represent the fact that they were the first band to play this funk / jazz style. The song I have chosen to put on the playlist this month is a song called <Chance>. If anyone were to ask me for a song that shows the band's skills off the best, this is the song I would suggest. The melody is calm and when I listen it really makes me feel more relaxed and happy. The song contains solos from all the members of the band, which one of the reasons I wanted to show it to you on February’s playlist.

About the Band: The band is made up of Jinny Kim (guitar), Seulki Song (keyboard), Sunmi Shin (drums) & Hyemin Lim (bass).

Band News: The band are due to play in the K-Rookies show down at Busan’s Oz Hall on March 5th. 

[Ironic Hue : On My Own]

I fell for the charm of Ironic Hue as soon as I heard the intro to this song. I could sense their music would be in my mind for a very long time. Ironic Hue’s style of writing short lyrics and catchy melodies will leave you with deep feelings that linger in your heart. While listening to this song I was reminded of a quote that says “Life is a choice between birth and death”. If you are keen to get more into Ironic Hue’s music beyond checking out the song <On My Own> right here on our February playlist, it is well worth going back 14 years and checking out some songs from their debut album <For Melting Steel>. I especially recommend the tracks <Rewind> and <Dummy>. The song 'Rewind' is very appealing because of the burned vocal sound and with their quality instrumentation skills.

About the Band: Ironic Hue are signed to Coolluck Music and are made up of Ji-hoon Kim (vocals, guitar), Kyung-Mi Hyun (vocal, guitar), Insoo Jo (bass) & Chan Rim (drums).

Band News: The track on our playlist this month is their latest single, On My Own.

 [JuliaDream : Sleep paralysis]

I remember the band Julia Dream as a band who was always popular among my friends, but for some reason not with me. I have no clue why..

If people could travel back in time, I would go back to when Julia Dream first started out and would make sure I listened to them them in those early stages. On this month’s playlist we are featuring the band’s song called 'Sleep Paralysis'. I have never experienced sleep paralysis in my life, but in my opinion the song describes the fears and distress that sleep paralysis can cause really well. This song is divided into 3 parts, but if you listen to them all back to back you will feel like it is all one long connected song. The psychedelic sounds of this song describe that circumstance so well that I can vaguely picture what it might feel like.. therefore it's little bit scary. However I can't deny this song is growing on me more and more each time I listen to it. Julia Dream is a band that makes me want to erase the ‘old me’ who always thought of them as a band only popular among my friends.

About the Band: Julia Dream get their name from a Pink Floyd song of the same name. The band is made up of Joon Hyung Park (guitar,vocals), Byoungkyu Son (bass) & Sang Hoon Yeom (drums)

Band News: The band plan to release their debut full length album in March this year.

Ok, so that’s 5 bands on this month's playlist, I have loads more stuff I wanna tell you about for each of the bands, so keep an eye on our facebook page where I will be posting about them over the coming month.


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