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We at DOINDIE are always trying to produce new and engaging content to inform our readers about the local scene. DOINDIE Picks is the latest addition to our ever-expanding content. It’s an open secret … but we here at DOINDIE are a collective of Korean underground music maniacs. We all have our favorite bands and can be found at venues all over the place every week. A lot of us play instruments too and are even in bands. One overarching thing we have in common is a desire to introduce the local indie scene to more and more people. DOINDIE Picks will be a regular series of short, random articles written by various members of the team in which we chat about whatever takes our fancy. Basically, we just want to let you know what we’ve been enjoying recently.

Il-Hwa's Pick : This Years Festivals

I am really looking forward to this year’s rock festivals. After going to what turned out to be pretty much a ‘mud’ festival at Valley Rock Festival in Ansan last year I promised myself that I would not go back, no matter who was playing. However, the festival has moved back to Jisan for this year’s installment, so I’m thinking of breaking my vow. At the moment, they’ve only announced a few of the bands who will be appearing at the festival, but there is nothing that stands out on the lineup for me at the moment. Whoever they announce, it will be hard to compete with Summer Sonic in Japan, who recently announced Radiohead as their headline act.

I don’t need much from this year’s festivals, but I really hope that Sakanaction play at Pentaport this summer. Pentaport always pick a few bands from Japan, so I have my fingers crossed that this year they bring over this awesome band. I like everything about their song <新宝島/Shin Takara Jima>. The title, the music video and song itself are all right up my alley, so I’m hoping they are invited and looking forward to seeing who else is on the Pentaport bill.

* DOINDIE is putting together as much informations as we can for this year’s festivals in Korea. Check them out what we have so far here : Click

J-Myeon's Pick: Seoul Moon

Honestly, I am one of the few males who writes articles for DOINDIE, so I wanted to avoid choosing a female artist as my DOINDIE pick. It seemed like too obvious a thing to do. After reading the uproar created by a certain band member’s comments on twitter, however, I decided to take the plunge, erase all the stuff I had written and write a new article introducing a new all-female three-piece band called Seoul Moon instead. If the person responsible for that remark had attended just one of Seoul Moon’s four concerts to date then he would know that there are in fact more men than he imagined here in Korea spending their hard earned money on and enjoying live music culture (and not prostitutes as he suggested).

Last year we really saw female artists stand out head and shoulders above the rest all across the cultural domain, especially in the indie music world where we saw bands and radical solo artists such as St. Vincent and FKA Twigs coming to the fore and making a big impact. There were also bands like the three-piece sister band Haim and the female duo U.S Girls getting invites to some of the biggest festivals in the world. It feels to me like girl power is alive and strong.

And now, in Hongdae we have Seoul Moon making their entrance. The band is made up of ByeBye Badman bass player Lu-LI Lee, 24 Hours lead guitarist Hyemi Kim and female drummer Hyemin Shin. The three of them are all the same age and all studied applied music at Dongduk Women's University together, but until now have all followed separate musical paths. Even though the band has not yet released any music under the moniker of Seoul Moon, the few shows they have played across February and March to showcase their new songs were packed. One of the things that was most interesting for me was that, just like in a girl group idol live video, there were loads of male fans at the show screaming and singing along to the songs.

Of course, one of the things that makes the band appeal to everyone is that they look super cool standing on stage together dressed in their trendy clothes like leather or embroidered jackets. However it’s not just that. Their music is pretty damn good as well. Their skills as live performers and their fresh / lively guitar pop music, with it’s roots in house music will be enough to get anyone, male or female, bobbing along to. Seeing as they have not yet released any material it is probably too early to judge them fully, so we don’t yet know if they will be a flash in the pan, trendy band, or if they will become a really great guitar pop band. However, we do know at least one thing, they will save loads of male music fans from getting involved in the murky world of prostitution, that’s a fact.

Wonbi's Pick: Sonic Boom X Armadillo's Podcast (featuring HASH)

A leisurely weekend with an indie music podcast is how I would like you to imagine another way you can enjoy the indie scene. The podcast I’m talking about is called ‘Sonic Boom X Armadillo’. It has been around for a long time now, and originally started out called Sonic Boom Live, but has now joined forces and teamed up with Armadillo for an even better experience. I first learned about this broadcast when a band I liked, called Won, were guests on the show. Since then, whenever a band I like or a band I am curious about have been on as guests, I’ve made sure to listen in. One of the best things about the podcast is that it’s broadcast live from a studio, so bands often play live sessions when they go on as guests.

I was chilling at at home one weekend when I suddenly thought of Sonic Boom Live. I was lying face down on the floor listening to an episode featuring a band called Hash. The band is made up of three members, singer Heo-Kyun, Hwang-Lyn on bass and Junghun Yoo on guitar. Their name originated from the SNS hashtag phenomenon. Just like the hashtag, Hash is a band that talks about a wide variety of topics from all over the world.

Despite having nothing special planned I had a great weekend thanks to the band’s high quality live performance (which was so good it almost sounded like I was listening to the CD), the band's witty conversation and the podcast host’s exuberant laughs. Make sure you take a listen to 랩말라이브 [Rap Mal Live] episode 1, where you can listen to Hash’s <Stay Me Out of You> which will be on their full length album due out soon.

You can download episode one and take a listen here :


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