Posted on September 21, 2016

Concert Preview Article

>>>>> DoIndie has some day tickets for Zandari Festa (Oct 1st OR Oct 3rd) to give away. Details on how to win can be found at the bottom of this article! <<<<<

Zandari Festa 2016 is four nights of bands from all over the world. In addition to 163 individual concerts, Zandari will also host an artist lounge where musicians can mingle, conferences where we can all learn a thing or two about the ever-expanding music industry and themed showcases like British and French Nights. DOINDIE is also proud to announce our own curated event: eight of our favorite local and international artists at the festival on one exciting stage. Join DOINDIE at Steelface on Saturday, Oct 1st and Monday, Oct 3rd between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. Ours is the only stage playing live during that time, and it’s a great opportunity to see bands you might not have seen before (and in the case of the bands from abroad, you may never have the chance to see again).

As an added bonus, between band sets you can head up to the rooftop at Steelface to enjoy the views of Hongdae and purchase some of SALT HOUSE’s delicious sandwiches for lunch! Salt House was founded by two members of the band Monoban and is a producer of fine handmade smoked and cured meats. All their products are made from scratch by hand, using high end ingredients such as sea salt, fresh herbs, and real applewood chips. For Zandari Festival, Salt House will be offering two sandwiches which feature its meats - Pastrami, and Canadian Bacon, for 6000 won each.

You DO NOT need to be a special ticket holder to check out the bands on the DOINDIE stage. Anyone with a valid day ticket, special ticket or delegate pass is welcome to attend. However, please keep in mind that the venue is small and people will be admitted on a first come first served basis. Don’t miss the two DOINDIE INTRODUCING stages at Zandari Festa 2016. Make sure to get there early! These bands are sure to blow you away!

Lineup & Time Table

Oct 1st (Sat)

13:00 Say Sue Me
13:45 I Wear* Experiment
14:30 Ahn Dayoung
15:15 The Dizzy Brains

Oct 3rd (Mon)

13:00 Blue Turtle Land
13:45 Hellivision
14:30 Ironic Hue
15:15 Ko Ko Mo

Say Sue Me

Say Sue Me is a surf rock band from Busan consisting of four members. Having grown up listening to 60s surf music and 90s American indie music, Say Sue Me started to make their own music which aptly mixes those two styles. Since the release of their debut album [We’ve Sobered Up], they’ve been busy performing in both Seoul and Busan, and have also released their follow-up EP [Big Summer Night].

I Wear* Experiment

I Wear* Experiment are a punchy Nordic electro trio leaning towards experimentation and cinematic soundscapes. The band began their journey into electronic pop music by bringing back the punch and aggressiveness that they felt had gone missing over time. I Wear* Experiment create edgy big banger beats and synths with a touch of Florence and The Machine-like graceful vocals. In a live situation they are visually and sonically impeccable.

Ahn Dayoung

This is a five-piece band fronted by singer-songwriter and core member Ahn Da-young that produces a dreamlike sound based in post rock and shoegazing. Ahn Da-young’s voice colours the air around you and can temporarily stun listeners into forgetting about reality. At the band’s audition for 2016’s Hello Rookie program, their rousing crescendo prompted critics to say that they were ‘masters of making the post rock style climax to a song’.

The Dizzy Brains

The Dizzy Brains is a quartet garage rock band inspired by The Sonics, and formed in Madagascar, one of the poorest and most corrupt countries in the world. Founded by two brothers, Eddy on vocals and Mahefa on bass, the group fights injustice, lack of possibilities and restriction of freedom in the everyday lives of the islanders. They are the face of the opposition in their country, Madagascar’s youth who are trying to survive while defying the political system. This passion for life shines during their concerts.

Blue Turtle Land

Blue Turtle Land is a power trio which is made up of a keytarist / vocalist, a bass  player and a drummer. Based on 60s’ band music like that of Jimi Hendrix, Cream, Jefferson Airplane, and the Small Faces, they add a modern twist by using a keytar to make their own reinterpreted psychedelic rock sound. Their live show is full of color, wild melodies and unpredictable improvisations, so seeing them live will be sure to provide you with unforgettable memories, much like going on a vacation.


Hellivision is a project band made up of skilled musicians who are well-established in the minor genres in the Korean music scene. It is hard to define their music in one genre. The band is a melting point for psychedelic, instrumental guitars, post rock and jazz funk. The band’s white hot energy focuses people’s attention and absorbs them into the performances. The songs’ climaxes will blow you away.

ironic HUE

Ironic HUE is a four-piece band that expresses various genres such as alternative, psychedelic, and post rock, creating unique impressions of space and a variety of sounds. They made their debut in 2007 with the album [Into the Mirror] and have performed at music festivals in China and Canada. They continue to perform actively.

Ko Ko Mo

The duo Ko Ko Mo is a two-headed Hydra spitting crazy, powerful, energetic music and leading the sound of the 70’s into a modern mutation. A joust between the frantic play of K20 on drums and the brute sound of Warren on guitar and vocals. The outcome of this duel will not be the death, but the resurrection of a sound... and perhaps your resurrection too.

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