Posted on December 28, 2018

Band Introduction

(Aquilo members – From left Tom Higham, Ben Fletcher)
1. Debut
‘Aquilo’ is a Roman name for Boreas, one of the Greek Anemoi. Hailing from Lancaster, the Midlands of the UK, the band started to garner attention since 2013. One of the members’ mother’s actually came up with the name for the band. Her first idea was to use the name of a spell from Harry Potter, but in the end they decided on ‘Aquilo’. Thankfully they didn’t end up being called something like ‘Abracadabra’!

The members of Aquilo, Ben and Tom grew up together in a small town where there’s only one school a church, and about 1500 people. But weirdly enough, they didn’t know each other until they were much older and started playing music together. There wasn’t a whole lot to do in the town, so everyone’s hobby was singing and playing guitars. One day, Tom, who was a factory worker at the time, made a song and thought he couldn’t play that song alone, and so asked if Ben could play with him as a band. They gradually got more and more well known as they played together in local pubs. I envy England for their music infrastructure that helps build small local artists into world-touring bands. 
2. Genre – Trendy / Alternative / Electronic / Rock
Their music is basically a mixture of all trendy styles from these days. They play a chilled lo-fi electronic sound with a hint of alternative rock. The band themselves describe it as ‘Ambient dream pop’. According to English critics’ reviews which are full of beautiful metaphors, their music feels like “A pillow in the crossway between ambient and indie pop.” 

<Good Girl MV>
Most of their songs talk about sorrow and despair. The interesting thing is that the songs feel more overwhelming than sorrowful. Naturally, the melody and lyrics are fairly sad as well. 
3. Album covers
At first, they aimed for a “fancy urban music style”, but they started to admit that the beautiful landscape of their hometown has huge impact on their music. Looking at pictures of the town, Silverdale you can see why… it looks astonishing.
(Silverdale /
The members of the band all grew up in beautiful countryside, and their album covers contains images depicting nature’s beauty, which is reflected well in their music.
(Album covers from left - Silhouette, Human, Calling Me, and Painting Pictures of a War)
4. Visiting to Korea
Aquilo visited Korea last year, and performed in Sungsu on September 7th. The venue seemed a little small for such a trendy band. The heat and excitement in the venue were overwhelming because everyone seemed to have been waiting for their gig for so long. In chilly autumn weather, the rooftop stage was soon packed with people, and the band looked also excited to be playing their music so far from home (They didn’t try to hide their joyful expressions during the gig). It also happened to be the bassist’s birthday, so the audience celebrated together with the band. I already knew their live set was going to be great, but it was even better than I expected. The beautiful sunset color matched Aquilo’s music very well, and wind was blowing gently, making my heart flutter with love. After the gig, the members mingled for a long time, taking pictures and writing autographs for all the fans. They looked so happy and content. Hopefully, we can meet them in Korea in the near future.

The new album ‘ii’ came out recently. This tour was a part of promoting the new album. They said they’ve loved, broken up with lovers, comforted friends in hard times, and encountered many other turning points in their lives while preparing this album. Their music style hasn’t changed much, but the lyrics have gotten deeper perhaps. They shared all the experiences and stories they’ve been through in their songs, so let’s take a listen and you can get a peek into the bands life. 

<six feet over ground live>

Written by: Songhee Roh


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