Posted on September 25, 2014

Crying Nut and No Brain, two icons of the Korean indie scene have got together and released a split album called ‘96’. The album consists of some of each band’s most popular tracks, such as Crying Nut’s ‘말달리자' [Speed Up Losers], and No Brains '바다사나이' [Sea Man], and many other hits from 1996 and beyond …

...but this split release ‘greatest hits’ EP comes with a twist ….Crying Nut and No Brain (who know each other really well after playing together / spending a lot of time with each other since they both formed back in 1996) have performed each others hit songs for the album. No Brain have covered Crying Nuts  ‘말 달리자’  [Speed Up Losers], ‘룩셈부르크’ [Luxembourg] & ‘비둘기’ [Dove] while Crying Nut perform No Brain hits ‘넌 내게 반했어' [Your Crush On Me], '바다 사나이' [Sea Man] & '아름다운 세상' [Beautiful World]

The album also contains a brand new song, called 96 which is a collaboration between the two heavyweights of the indie music scene. To celebrate the split album release the bands have also been performing live together at festivals such as Let’s Rock, Super Sonic etc all summer.

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No Brain

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