Posted on April 12, 2018


The band Chinese Football had their first show in Korea at CJ Azit on March 16th. Their easy going, laid back lifestyle had me envisaging a child squinting into the sunlight shining on his face. A pure and honest face of raw emotion - that is the exact image I got from listening to Chinese Football play live.

It was my very first experience of seeing a live band from China. Before this show, all the impressions I had of Chinese culture had come from movies, recorded music, food, etc. All my experiences of Chinese culture thus far could be described with one word: “intense”. Everything I had experienced had a very strong ‘Chinese’ identity. So it was surprising for me to hear Chinese Football’s more laid back, chilled-out vibe. It was a totally new kind of Chinese experience for me.  


Their music seems friendly, and it was very enjoyable beyond the cultural difference. I especially liked that they mixed various genres like rock, punk and pop. I suspect that this mix of genres has come from each member’s diverse musical background from before they formed the band. What was most impressive for me was the refreshing guitar sound, which articulated the musical inspiration of their youth well.

Their set was professional and mature, but the band members themselves seemed shy on stage, almost like young students. In their bio they say, ‘we are just a 4-piece rock band trying to rock as hard as teenagers’, and this really came through in their live show. Although they are older than teeneagers--indeed, they are experienced musicians--they still play with the attitude and slightly nervous energy of teens. Despite their 8-year history as the band Chinese Football and the long musical paths of each member, they were still energetic and seemed excited on the stage, almost as if this was their first time playing. That energy drew me deep into their performance and made me feel really happy. In the middle of the set, the members all swapped instruments for a song, further showing off their musical prowess. That was a really interesting moment for me.


From the start to the end, the encore song, these cute professionals’ playing was perfect and the mood was pleasant, like a fine spring day. Today, however is a dark and gloomy day, with lots of micro-dust in the air, so I am listening to their music on repeat; I can feel a real spring day in the sound of their music.


Here Comes a New Challenger (EP)

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Chinese Football (Album)

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Written by: Jean Park


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