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August 26th - 28th : Samnak Riveside Park, Busan :

2016 will see the 17th addition of the Busan Rock Festival. According to the festivals manifesto they focus on three main things; music, people and nature. The festival prides itself on being an Eco Green Festival. gracing the festivals stages will be bands covering a wide spectrum of genres from both here and abroad. The best part of it is, the whole thing is FREE! They festival also teams up with the local fringe festival to add to the awesomeness on offer. 

Lineup :

▷ Fri 26th

국카스텐(Guckkasten) | 내귀에 도청장치(Wiretap In My Ear) | 안녕바다(Bye Bye Sea) | Suffocated | 스트릿건즈(Street Guns) | 블러드베리(Bloodberry) | DJ Air Mix | 악퉁(Achtung) | 에이프릴세컨드(April Second) | Dream Spirit | 네미시스(Nemesis) | 아스트로너츠(Astronauts) | 버닝소다(burningsoda) | 하퍼스(The Hoppers) | 원톤(1ton)

▷ Sat 27th

넬(Nell) | Impellitteri | 칵스(The Koxx) | Crystal Lake | Noahtic | 라이프앤타임(Life and Time) | DJ Demicat | 럭스(RUX) | 치카티카브라운사운드(Chikatika brown sound) | 연남동덤앤더머(Yeon Nam Dong Dum and Dummer) | M7 | 스테레오타입(Stereotype) | 세이수미(Say Sue Me) | 싸우스나인(Southnine)

▷ Sun 28th

데이브레이크(Daybreak) | 로맨틱펀치(Romantic Punch) | 이승열 (Yi Sung Yol) | Lomosonic | 솔루션스 (Solutions) | 헤드터너 (Head Turner) | 크래쉬 (Crash) | 바크하우스 (Barkhouse) | Greedy Black Hole | 트랜드킬 (Trend Kill) | 데드버튼즈 (Deadbuttons) | 더베인 (The Vane) | 문사출 (Moon4Chul) | 먼데이필링 (Monday Feeling)

Getting there :


Take the Busan subway line 2 and get off at Sasang Station. Come out of exit 3 and walk straight until you find the Home Plus supermarket. Use the big bridge to crossover the highway and then follow the river until you see the stage. It is about a 15 min walk from the Subway station.

Tickets :


Camping :

No camping

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Tel : 051-501-6051


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