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멋진 라인업으로 기대를 한껏 모았던 1회 블루블랙 페스티벌이 메르스의 여파로 페스티벌을 취소했습니다.

July 11th - 12th : Expo Science Park, Daejeon :

2015 is the first ever Blue Black festival It will be held at the Expo Science Park in Daejeon on July 11th-12th. For sometime there have hardly been any concerts in Daejeon and it has become somewhat a 'music wasteland' [not the words of DoIndie ;) ]. Blue Black festival aims to bring the music back to Daejeon and will have around 40 artists / musicians playing on three stages, Blue, Black & Purple.  There will be a wide variety of genres including acoustic, pop, rock, hip hop and more. The festival was open to bands to apply for (via SNS) and over 1000 artists applied. It was way more than the organisers imagined and so they opened an additional 'busking' stage (the purple stage) to give rookie musicians a chance to perform at the festival.

Lineup :

▷ 1st Lineup

갤럭시 익스프레스 (Glaxy Express)
낭만유랑악단 (Nangmanbanc)
데이브레이크 (Daybreak)
신현희와 김루트 (Seenroot)
쏜애플 (Thornapple)
정준일 (Jung Jun Il)

▷ 2nd Lineup

장기하와얼굴들(Jang Kiha and faces)
디어클라우드(Dear Cloud)
피터팬콤플렉스(Peterpan Complex)

▷ 3rd Lineup

글렌체크(Glen Check) 
어반자카파(Urban Zakapa) 
피터팬컴플렉스(Peterpan Complex)
로맨틱펀치(Romantic Punch) 
일리네어레코즈(Illinaire Records) 

Getting there :


104 (Get off at the National Science Museum), 301(Get off at Expo Science Park), 604 (Get off at the National Science Museum), 606 (Get off at the Expo Science Park), 705 (Get off at the Expo Art Hall), 121 (Get off at the Expo Art Hall or the National Science Museum), 318 (Get off at  the Expo Science Park), 618 (Get off at Smart City), 911 (Get off at the Expo Art Hall), 918 (Get off at the Expo Science Park)

[Parking fee]

Small Cars : 1,000 won
Medium Sized Cars : 2,000 won
Big Cars : 3,000 won

Ticket :

Advanced Tickets : Interpark

1 Day Ticket : 30,000 won
2 Day Ticket : 40,000 won

Door Tickets :

1 Day Ticket : 40,000 won
2 Day Ticket : 50,000 won

Camping :

No Camping

Contact :

Email :
Tel : 070-8242-9979


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