Posted on July 06, 2014

Band Introduction Concert Preview

Angry Bear has been into the making-music thing in some form or other for about 7 years. Scott and KC met in their early seoul days and began playing out as a duo. Patrick joined their ranks as a drummer not long afterwards, and a few years later there was a 2nd guitarist. David is the current 2nd guitarist, leading the band in fretwork and youthful age. Their style has never quite lent itself to easy genre placement, but somewhere within the realm of rock and/or indie rock might be a safe phrasing for discussion. The music is melody and structure driven, and the influences come in from all over the place. Suffice it to say that the members enjoy the 'sound' aspect of existence.

Check out the interview we did with Angry Bear before they released their latest album :

Angry Bear's Newest Album, III :

Separation :

No Mind :

Streams :

We are honored to have Angry Bear playing at DoIndie's show 'FWD Vol. 2' :

Date : 12th July @ 19:30
Venue : Club Ta (Hongdae)
Cover : 15,000
Line Up : BaekMa / Vidulgi OoyoO / Angry Bear / Kingston Rudieska / Rock 'N' Roll Radio / Ynot? / Dead Buttons

For more information on the band, please check them out at the following websites :

Facebook :
DoIndie :
Twitter :


Angry Bear


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