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# Hey! Congratulations on the new EP! Firstly, can you please introduce ReSka to our readers?

Wooja : Hello everyone. We are ReSka. We are still here! We have been around for a while now, but not been doing much recently. The new album is finally ready, it’s been about three years since the last one. We have loads of excuses to explain the long gap between albums, but at the end of the day, they are just excuses. Please. Buy. Our. Album! (haha)

# These days there are a bunch of established ska and reggae bands in Korea. In your opinion, what makes you stand out from the crowd?

Wooja : If I had to choose something that is distinct about our music, it would be this: reggae is an unusual genre to be playing in Korea anyway (These days, in Korea at least, reggae is pretty unusual, but actually in the early 90s there was a fair amount of artists playing this genre, musicians like 김건모 [Kim Gun-Mo], 투투 [ToTo], 룰라 [Roo’ra] etc.), but on top of that when you listen to the songs that Hong-ki writes they are usually about very trivial things from daily life (things people can easily relate to) and the melodies are also very simple to sing along with. Although our music can sometimes sound a little heavy, once you have heard them, the melodies tend to stick in your head for a long time. Our music is easy to get into, that’s one of our best points.

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# Tell us about this new EP [Wi Dem A Free] of yours. How do you go about producing new work?

Wooja : The new EP is quite different from our first release "여~전히 그리워하네" [I Still Miss You] all those years ago. We tried to make sure the new songs had a bit more originality than our previous releases. All our tracks are written, arranged, recorded and mixed by Hong-ki, he always works hard on our stuff but he worked particularly hard making the song “서쪽하늘 눈 붉어지면 [The Snow in the West Sky is Clearer - please note, we are not 100% sure of this translation]” off our new album. We all really like this song a lot. Also, we actually made the song called ‘Mama’ right back when we started out as a band. It is great to have a song we have been playing live for ages finally on an album.

When we make music, it is mostly all done by Hong-ki. However, the track ‘밤의 등대’ [The Night’s Lighthouse] was written and composed by our keyboardist 혜림 [Hye-Lim]. When you hear her track it is fun to listen to and compare the differences with the other tracks we have made.

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# What music are you listening to these days? What did you used to listen to when you were growing up?

Wooja : I don’t have anything I would say I always listen to. I tend to listen to different kinds of music depending on my moods each day. My mom used to play cassette tapes to me when I was young, I remember it well. She used to play me music by Eric Clapton, Smokie, traditional Japanese pop (Enka), The Bee Gees, Louis Armstrong, Songolmae etc. When I started playing guitar at highschool I was into Green Day, Sum 41, Nirvana and Blink 182. I listened to that kind of music a lot.

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# Why did you originally want to be in a band?

Wooja : Honestly, there was no special reason that led to the band forming. Ever since I was young my mom sent me to early education schools to learn piano. I guess i’ve been playing music since I was five(ish). When I was in second grade at middle school, it became clear to me that I wanted to be involved in music. Hong-ki was a massive influence for my learning how to play the guitar. Hong-ki was also the reason for us starting ReSka. When we were 20/21 Hong-ki and I were playing in different bands. By coincidence both of our bands broke up at the same time. At that time he contacted me and suggested we formed a new band together. That band was ReSka.

To be continued :

# If you had to tell us about the album in one sentence, what would you say?

Wooja : Let’s be free! - That statement doesn’t seem to have much of a connection to the songs, does it? When we were in our early to middle 20s Hong-ki was going through some hard times emotionally. At that time he downloaded a Jamaican translation app. While playing with that app translating random things one of the sentences that came up was ‘Let’s be free!’.

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# I guess this is ReSka’s first ever showcase concert. Have you prepared anything special for the show? How do you feel about the show? 

Wooja : It is the first time we have ever stuck the word ‘showcase’ on one of our concerts, that’s for sure. Actually, back on Oct 16th, 2011 we did a release party for our first ever EP. Haha. It feels weird thinking about our showcase concert now. I’m not super excited, nor am I particularly calm. It’s our first big showcase in a while, so yeh of course we have prepared a bunch of things, but it would not be any fun if we told you everything now. Come and check out the show, you can see for yourselves!

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# What are ReSka’s plans and aims for the future?

Wooja : - Firstly, our most basic aim is to become a band people think of when they talk about reggae music in Hongdae. To achieve that we need to continue working hard and producing good music for people to listen to. If you compare us now to when we released our first EP in 2011, we have gotten a lot better as a band. We will be trying our best to continue improving like this as time goes on, so please continue to support us.

# Anything you want to say to our readers before we finish?

Wooja : Please buy lots of copies of our new EP! Please come with all your friends to our EP release show. Mom, Dad … I love you! hahahahahahahahahaha We think DoIndie is a great way of finding out about and meeting new artists / musicians. Make sure you keep coming back and using their site. Help them, and help us keep making the Korean scene what it is.

Interview : Il Hwa Choi
English Translation : Patrick Connor
Editing : Jamie Leigh Gilbert

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