Posted on May 05, 2015


August 9th(Eve Festival : 'Asian Music Video Festival') - 10th : Yangjae Citizen's Forest, Seoul :

This year is the 5th Aksan festival. Most festivals are run by big companies trying to make bog Monday. The makers of Aksan valley are all young twenty something music lovers who set up the festival simply because they love music. It is an independent festival where they do everything they can to keep the costs low. The festival is completely free to enter and is paid for by crowdfunding and donations from the organizer's own pocket. A wide variety of Hongdae's best musicians appear at the festival. It is a lot of fun. This year the festival is twinned with a festival in Berlin running under the same name a week or so later.

Lineup :

히든플라스틱(Hidden Plastic)
야마가타 트윅스터(Yamagata Tweakster)
Feminist(German team)

Coming more!

Getting there :


Take line 3 to Yangjae Citizen's Forest Station, Exit 5


Take the 4432 from Hanti Station (Yellow Line) and get off at the 'AT Centre, Yangjae Flower Market' or 'Yangjae Citizen's Forest Station'

Tickets :

Free : Donations welcomed

국민은행 (KEB Bank) - 032902-04-248016  - Acc Name 김재관

Camping :

Coming soon!

Contact :

Email :


For more information, check out the following sites :

Official Site :
Facebook :


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