Posted on April 09, 2017

Concert Preview Article

DOINDIE is excited to announce new tour dates for 57’s seven-week European tour, ‘MAKING FIRE’.

DOINDIE is proud to say this tour was set-up entirely by our team from start to finish. It’s been a fun, if slightly exhausting venture, but we are stoked about the shows we have managed to set up. Before we take a look at the full tour dates, we would like to say that we are incredibly lucky to be working with a band willing to fully invest so much of their own time, energy and resources into being music professionals as 57. They’re a hard working band, not simply with regards to this tour, but in their overall work ethic and outlook. They are committed to playing gigs all over Korea and Europe and have an incredible DIY ethos. Just the kind of thing we like to support.

These types of tours aren’t cheap for bands who are just starting off abroad and can’t rely on the ticket sales to cover the cost of the tour. To help cut costs, 57 plan to DIY it as much as possible. This includes taking a tent (for nights where they don’t have accommodation) and also they plan to buy a car to use for transport, then sell it at the end of the trip! While this rough lifestyle might test their resolve, the band’s passion has thus far proven as steadfast as the English rain! The experiences this tour will bring 57 are in keeping with the bands central DIY ethos and commitment to a true independent spirit.

When we began discussing possible collaboration on this tour about six months ago, my one condition was that we conduct a proper tour with the aim of playing as many good shows as possible rather than it being more ‘holiday like’ with just a few scattered shows thrown in. The band agreed and if you check out their schedule below, we think you’ll agree that it is indeed not a holiday. We are looking forward to seeing their pictures and hearing stories from what is sure to be an amazing trip to Europe.

* poster design by Seol Kim (of 57)

May 11 : Undegun (Focus Wales), Wrexham (UK)
May 12 : ROC2 Studios (Focus Wales), Wrexham (UK)
May 13 : The Pot - Rhyl (UK)
May 15 : Prince Albert - Brighton (UK)
May 17 : Dublin Castle - London (UK)
May 18 : 81 Renshaw, Liverpool (UK)
May 19 : Stramash - Edinburgh (UK)
May 20 : The Telegraph - Newcastle (UK)
May 21 : Westgarth Social Club - Middlesbrough (UK)
May 26 : Asylum - Chelmsford (UK)
May 27 : Manhattan34 (TDM Festival) - Leicester (UK)
May 29 : West Street Club - Sheffield (UK)
June 2 : Bei Ruth - Berlin (Germany)
June 7 : Chlodna 25 - Warsaw (Poland)
June 9 : Seazone Music & Conference - Sopot (Poland)
June 11 : Watch Docs Festival - Słupsk (Poland)
June 16 : Paris (France) (TBC)
June 17 : Lapin Blanc - Réding (France)
June 19 : Fuel Cafe, Manchester (UK)
June 21 : White Bear - Barnsley (UK)
June 22 : The Exchange - Stoke (UK)
June 23 : The Saddle, Chester Live Festival - Chester (UK)
June 24 : The North, Rhyl (UK)
June 25 : Club 147, Llandudno (UK)

For more information on the band, check them out at the following sites :

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