Posted on June 25, 2015

Concert Preview

June 28th Around Chungmuro and Euljiro, Seoul :

The 51+ festival is upon us again! The most independent, experimental, diverse, and all inclusive event of the year is going down this weekend at Chungmuro Studio Jokwang/Jarip HQ, 1px Offline and Euljiro Seendosi. For the best price in town you can see some of the most exciting music acts in the country put on by some of the most dedicated and passionate musicians in the indie scene. The 51+ festival isn’t just for fun it’s also an important event to celebrate the history of the indie scene. Initially a protest event to keep a noodle shop from being destroyed by a large corporations offering little-to-no money and sending in thugs to try to harass the owners, the musicians of Hongdae came together to make their stand. And they were largely successful. This is the spirit of the indie community that is captured by the 51+ festival, with the idea of 51+ bands playing to keep the idea alive and thriving. Music is more than just entertainment; it is a call to action and a way of life. Head to the 51+ festival this weekend to take part in and experience the beating heart and conscience of the Korean indie scene.

Lineup :

▷ Studio Jokwang/Jarip HQ

전자양(Electron Sheep), 해일(Hail), 데이드림(Daydream), 쾅프로그램(Kuang Program), 해오(Heo), 로다운 30(Lowdown 30), 소리박물관(Sorimuseum), 선결(Sunkyeol), 앵클어택(Ankle Attack)

▷1px Offline

박다함(Park Daham), 세이수미(Say Sue Me), 코가손(Cogason), 하임(Haihm), 얼스바운드(Earthbound), 숨(S:um), 푸르내(Blue Stream), 전기흐른(Electricity Flowing), 실리카겔(Silicagel) 

▷ Seendosi

신세하(Xin Seha and the Town), 커널스트립(Kernelstrip), 쩜오구(.59), 위댄스(Wedance), 키라라(Kirara), 권나무(Kwon Tree), 플래시 플러드 달링스(Flash Flood Darlings), 단편선과 선원들(Danpyunsun and the Sailors), 김사월 X 김해원(KSW X KHW)

Timetable :

Getting There :

Tickets :

Advanced Ticket : 22,000won (Buy Now : HyangMusic)
Door Ticket : 33,000won

Contact :

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