Doindie Team


Doyeon Lim

In a building with barely any electricity, people enraptured, seemingly doped by music that I had never heard of. That was my first impression of the Korean indie music scene. I started Doindie with a friend of mine in order to let Korea and the world know about this vivacious culture full of diversity. I’ve encountered many like-minded relationships since then, which led me here today. Thankfully so.




Patrick Connor

I came to Korea from England in 2006, it took me a while to find out about the indie music scene here in Korea, but once I found it I fell in love with it and immediately wanted to get involved anywhere I could. Over the years I’ve seen countless amazing shows and become a fan of and friends with many bands. I also play in a band, so as both a fan and a performer I have a unique insight into the scene. In my free time I have organised several charity concerts, lots of random shows, and a free one day festival down by the Han River in 2013 (which I hope to revive in the near future).  Making DoIndie was something I’d wanted to do for ages and the best way I can think of to repay the Korean scene for all the joy it has given me over the years.



Jin Kim

I don’t feel like I owed indie music anything per say, but I did feel like contributing in some way was something I needed to do. By coincidence the opportunity to work with DoIndie presented itself to me, so I took it. I am ready to do whatever is needed. I try to listen to a wide range of music from different genres but it’s harder than I imagined, so I usually end up listening to rock music!




Songhee Roh

Since I was born into a house of musicians, I think I probably fell in love with music when I was still in the womb. There are countless things that I enjoy that I know absolutely nothing about, as in I have a lot of different interests in lots of different areas, but nothing that I specialize in. However, I’m good at following instructions and want to learn lots of different things during my lifetime. I’m one of those people who might follow you around pestering you to teach me stuff! It’s my dream to spend every day studying while listening to music, but sadly that’s not an easy dream to realize. I’ve wanted to work in the music scene ever since I was in elementary school and I listened to Radiohead with my mum. These days, she doesn’t remember who they are, but still!



Yeonsik Chae

I’ve been longing for an indie scene where people work together to grow the scene without any intervention, without someone's instructions, and where people independently and voluntarily come up for it. And I’ve always wanted to be a part of that type of scene. I think that this is my first step. I hope that various other fields ‘DOINDIE’ as well, not just the music scene.




Soyeon Kim

As I came to listen to music, it was somehow all indie music. Although I listen to many different genres, I’m most attracted to indie band music. I’ve spent my teenage years with it, and naturally it became my most beloved. So I joined Doindie in order to do something helpful for the scene. I will diligently listen, read and write about music to increase my competence!!




Jieun Park

I love films and music. I get tired of things easily, but when it comes to music, I love listening to all sorts, consistently. Perhaps I will do so for the rest of my life. At Doindie, I plan to write about music, pictures and films.




Jihye Jang

As I’ve loved drawing since I was young, I went to a college of arts. In middle school, when I accidentally heard Oasis’ ‘Wonderwall,’ I became fond of band music. I gradually became interested in Korean indie bands, and in between art and music, I felt something ‘hip’ about the indie scene. I tend to emphasize this ‘hipness’ too much, so that even my friends feel sick of it. In my sophomore year in college, I wanted to learn guitar, so I joined the guitar club. However, as I have this innate feature of short fingers, I realized I was not meant to play the guitar, and now I want to focus on what I do best-- design, and supporting indie culture. In high school my friends frequently told me that I always dug for something low-key. The culture I love is always something low-key… this is not too bad, but I want my friends to enjoy it as well. As a part of Doindie, I want to let everyone know about indie culture!



Yerim Lee

If somebody asked me what I want to be, I would say I don’t want to be anything, I just want to be close to music. Although my values keep changing as growing up, this thought remains still. On my path to music, I met Doindie. Now, if anyone asks what Doindie is, I want to say that’s where my companions are.





Naeun Kim


I’m a weirdo who plays live gig videos while studying. I joined the team, so that I can spread the music I adore so much. It hasn’t been very long time since I was first introduced to Indie music, so I wish I could learn more. Also, I want to experience new things and meet new people that I cannot encounter if I stay in my routine in university, as well as to fangirl my favorite bands. Cheers, Doindie!




Seojin Park


When I’m at the gigs, I feel like I can jump on the stage and disappear like a moth. And I love the ones who are in the spotlight on the stage cause their lights let me become a moth. So I want to support their lights to keep sparkle rather than aiming for the light.





Rock ‘n Rose

I fell in love with Korean music when I first arrived here from South Africa back in 2002 as a university English teacher, but it wasn’t until a move to Seoul many years later that I fell into the Hongdae scene through a friend. With my background in Drama aiding my attraction to live performance, I soon became obsessed with attending as many shows as I could each week. Landing a short-term position as a reporter for a Korean indie music show on TBSefm radio helped me meet many more musicians and fans in the scene. Around that time Patrick and I became Facebook friends and he invited me to help him get Doindie off the ground. I have felt so welcomed and so inspired within the Hongdae community, that it has served to make me love my adopted Korean home more and more; this is the one space in which the cultural differences between Koreans and “foreigners” become irrelevant. I am honored to now have a chance to give back to the artists who give me so much, by trying to spread their message to both my students and Korean friends as well as the expat community.


Sohyeon Lee

I never had anything I really wanted to do, or anything that I was particularly good at, but then I found something that lit a bit of a spark in me. That something was watching the live shows of independent musicians. I fell for the sounds of the bands and the vibes of the scene. At first I just attended the shows because it was fun, but later musicians began thanking me for the support I was giving them. That made me want to help more and I ended up working with DOINDIE. I got into the scene by chance, but I’ve now been into it for all of my twenties. It’s my dream come true.




Alex Ameter

Coming to Korea as a US Army officer in 2011, I had no idea what I was about to experience. In just two short months, I was enamored with a powerful and robust music scene I gushed about to music-loving friends back home. I’d always been nuts about music, but it wasn’t until I became part of the scene in Korea that I realized just how much music meant to me. It’s the fuel that keeps me going in my career and my life. With that in mind, I wanted to do anything I could to support the scene I loved and the people who made it so wonderful. I attended a minimum of two, sometimes three (and sometimes four…), shows every weekend, and still I couldn’t get enough. To that end, I helped open up a venue in Noksapyeong, the running of which was one of the highlights of my lives. Soon after, Patrick approached me with an amazing idea to answer the question of how to better promote the scene. Through his vision, DoIndie was born. I’ve helped write articles, edit, and run the site, though all from my unfortunately distant position outside Korea (at the moment). DoIndie is how I stay connected to this vital and brilliant scene full of spectacular and creative artists. I feel lucky to be a part of this project and hope we succeed in our goal to help make the great indie music found in Korea more sustainable for the artists involved and heard by the rest of the world to give the scene the recognition it so richly deserves.