About Us

Music lovers, welcome to DoIndie (www.doindie.co.kr).

DoIndie (www.doindie.co.kr) is a webzine dedicated to helping promote and support Korean independent music both here in Korea and internationally. On our site you can find show information, band and venue profiles, interviews, articles, and news about the local scene.

DoIndie is primarily a Korean website, but our content is available in English as well. We are the only fully bilingual site dedicated to Korean indie music. Our English service helps us spread the word about Korean indie music to a wider audience but it also provides bands with essential English press that they can then use to assist in obtaining visas and promoting their shows abroad. We feel that language should not divide a music community, so we hope to serve as a tool to bridge the gap for both local audiences and those abroad. Good music is an international language and it is our goal to help Korean indie bands spread their music around the world.

Every member of the DoIndie team (18 dedicated individuals, with a mix of Koreans and foreigners) works tirelessly as volunteers to help support the scene they love. We all have day-jobs and other hobbies, but we each spend huge portions of our free time working on the site to promote the Korean indie music scene.

DoIndie offers a wide range of content that we hope will contribute to the development of the indie scene here in Korea. We hope to be a portal where bands come to promote themselves and fans come to discover new music and find their new favourite band. Subscribe to DoIndie today and we’ll see you at the next show!