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Formed in late 2017, out of the Brixton based Muddy Yard Collective, WOOZE are the Korean / British duo of Theo Spark and Jamie She. Working from the studio they converted in a disused builder's depot, to date the duo have released two singles. Their debut single 'Hello Can You Go' was released May 31st 2018 (by london based label Young Poet Records) and the duo’s follow up single ‘Party Without Ya’ was released on Sept 9th 2018 (again by Young Poet Records, but this time in partnership with Korean indie label BEELINE RECORDS). WOOZE is a rough phonetic translation of 'space' in korean (우주) and the central theme behind all of WOOZE's lyrics are rooted within the uprooted - memory loss, identity crises, spatial confusion, split personalities, and ultimately, a fundamental feeling of detachment and estrangement. Every song is a vignette of well trodden social situations with vaseline smeared over the lens so you can't quite figure out exactly when it's happening or who it's happening with. Describing themselves as Pansori for the 21st Century (a traditional Korean music genre that consists of a drummer and singer storytelling through music), WOOZE are here excite, baffle and entertain. Current singles 'Hello Can You Go' & ‘Party Without Ya’ & 'Ladies Who Lunch With Me' are only a taste of what is to come from this intriguing two piece. The much hyped duo have already seen support flooding in from BBC Radio 1, Radio X, Triple J, The Line of Best Fit and Clash to name a few.

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