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VICIOUS GLARE is organized in 2006 for Hardcore music with 5 men. They are Hyuckki Min(vocal), Sungjae(guitar), Yeongho Sunwoo(guitar), Hakeui Lee(bass) Imyoung Choi(drums) and also they did together band "Enjoy Trip-Ping". These 5 guys, VG is more focusing on enjoying what thay play and what thay make a song than just commercial success. VG was strated live performance to public and joined "IX CREW" what pre-maded group from most famous band "JohnnyRoyal" in Seoul and after that they had busy days cause of live performance, recording projects and dayworks. At 2008, they could get a record contract with Hardcore / Metal label GMC Records cause of single album "Demo 2008" and support of lead vocal "Juyoung Kim" (ex member). On same year, they published 1st album "Commencement" and they got title of First Melodic Emotional Oldschool Hardcore band in korea. On 2009, cause of drop out of vocal "Juyoung Kim", basssist "Hyuckki Min" had to cover vocal part and on 2010, they publish EP "Seoul City Hardcore" that had to recording, design, CD pressing by themselves. From "Seoul City Hardcore" they throw out Melodic concept and had trying to change to Machotic music. After 2009, VG is trying to change their musical style and show up from ugly topic like as pollution, self-destructive life to friendship, precious family. They inspired from Hardcore, Punk, Metal and they don't try to focus on commercial success. They are saying "We don't care about commercial success. Even though we got it, it will be same as we are now." "Korean Hardcore scene is never big but we can survive by support all of other hardcore, metal and punk band and we are trying to keep our world. Now we will keep this effort and trying to grow up korean scene."

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